Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sound Bites

Cross that off my Bucket List
We went up to Rockport for the Memorial Day Parade

Lucy slipped her Crocs off and was sort of dancing and twirling around as we waited for
the Vets, the policemen and firemen, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, bands and town dignitaries to come marching by 

At one point, she was crouched down observing a huge worm slithering its way along the sidewalk 

She screeched for us all to look as she just could not believe how big the worm was  (seriously, it was the size of Texas)

A few minutes later, Lucy, still dancing around, accidentally stepped on said worm though not enough to squash him….just enough so she knew he was there and he knew she was there

She was slightly skived out "‘cause worms are slimy" and after recovering from the shock she declared quite incredulously

Huh! I never did that before!

What’s Your Name?
Home Depot hosts Little Workshops the first weekend of every month for kids

The kids are given an orange apron, a little craft kit, a hammer and paint

We stumbled upon it one Saturday as we were wandering through Home Depot looking for shelving

On this particular day, Lucy had left the house wearing her super hero cape and mask (she may or may not have been carrying her wand, I can’t remember)

We stepped up to the table to get our craft kit and the women at the table fussed a bit over the masked crusader and we were sent on our way to build our flower pot tray

When we completed our project, we went back to the table to “check out” and Lucy was presented with a Home Depot pin and a certificate of completion

Before receiving her certificate, Lucy was asked her name by the woman at the table

Lucy looked at her and stated quite simply and in a nice clean crisp voice with raised inflection and tone at the end

I am SUPER LUCY!!!!!!!

I love your outfit!
We were leaving Mass one Sunday and as we exited, the priest was standing at the back of the Church greeting the Parishioners and bidding them a good day

As we stepped up to Father Bakker, I leaned down and whispered in Lucy’s ear to tell Father thank you and wish him a good day

Okay Mama she responds sort of half listening

I shook Father’s hand and told him it was nice to see him

He leaned down to say hello to Lucy and placed his hand on her forehead for a blessing when she pipes up and says

Thanks Father, I like your outfit, you look nice today!

We miss you Uncle Gareth
This past weekend, we spoke with Nanny Claire
Claire is the mother of Sean’s oldest and dearest friend Gareth

Gareth happened to be at Nanny Claire’s house so Sean was able to chat with him for a bit too

When we got off the phone, we were talking about Gareth’s visit last year (May, 2011)
He was such an easy house guest……we had so much fun with him….all 3 of us……and we miss him terribly….

As we were talking about Gareth, Lucy piped up and reminded us that Uncle Gareth showed her Scooby Doo (which he did, and I’m talking Old School Scooby Doo)
And now, she added, he sends me Paddington Bear books (which he does)

And, I miss him says Lucy

We agreed with her and started discussing our (potential/possible/hopeful) trip to England this year

Later, when we were headed up to the tub, Lucy turned to me as we were halfway up the stairs and says, seriously and inquisitively,

Mama, I forget….was Uncle Gareth here last year or last Sunday?

Last year honey

Oh, not Sunday?

No honey, it was last year

Are you sure?

Yes honey, I'm sure

Huh……I was sure it was Sunday…….

A what?
Sean came home the other day with a
“Tube of Pets Animals” for Lucy

As soon as he walked in the door, we had to open the tube and take inventory of all the animals

She identified most of them: turtle, cat, dog, lizard, frog, fish, bird, rat, and bunny
But needed help with a few: hedgehog, ferret, and hamster (which may be a mouse but we’re going with hamster)

Lucy immediately became enamored and enthralled with the hedgehog
She loves it….and it is really cute…..just like Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Lucy has carried the hedgehog around all weekend and it’s ridden back and forth to school with her every day this week

At some point, she could not find the little hedgehog and blurted out worriedly

Mama! Daddy! Where my hodgeheg?? Where my hodgeheg?!?!

Your what honey?

My hodgeheg! MY HODGEHEG!!!


Maaammmmaaa! My hodgeheg! Where is he???

I think she means her hedgehog says Sean

That what I said Daddy! My hodgeheg!

We’ve given up trying to correct her

How Many is Noni (that would be my Mum)
Lucy loves knowing who's birthday is next and how old they are going to be

When she was told my birthday was coming up, she started asking when it would be and how old I was going to be

We'd tell her how many weeks/days away it was and that I would be 40

Last night, as I was putting her to bed, she said

Mama! It's almost time for your birthday!

It is honey, just two more sleeps

How old are you gonna be Mama?

40 I tell her

Oh....Wellll Mama, I can only count to 20 not 40

Well, thats okay honey because guess what? There are two 20's in 40 so you can just count to 20 twice!

Good idea Mama!

Thanks Luce

Hey Mama

Yeah Lucy?

How many 20's is Noni?

Maria the Mum

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