Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Ode and a Fond Farewell to My 30's

To My 30’s:

Today is our last day together........I’m a little verklempt

I will miss you

Time is marching on and our time together has come to and end

It is time for us to say goodbye

Tomorrow, I shall be meeting 40, and I’m afraid it’s something I have to do alone

Don’t worry, I’ll be brave, you have given me all I need to meet 40 head on and though I’ll miss you, I’ll be OK

This has been a great decade; you have been a great decade 30’s

Probably the best of my little life so far
And my 20’s were pretty damn fun but you have definitely been the best decade to me so far

Sure, we got off to a rough start and there were a couple bumps in the road….

Like what you ask? Well......

Remember that time I had my heart broken in 2002 (but fixed in great fashion come 2005)

And then Grammy and Grampy died in 2003 and 2004…….that was a tough year – a sad year for so many reasons

Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 but was lucky, it was “only” kidney cancer fixed with the quick and swift removal of said organ

And what an up and down year 2007 was!
We were planning our wedding when my father-in-law had a heart attack a couple months before it was to take place….and for a spell, it was not clear if he’d make it – and though it did not come to it, I never would have married without him being there for my husband and me
He made it though and what a joy to see him standing next to my husband
Then, at our wedding, my Mum’s appendix nearly burst though at the time we just thought it was something she ate (and it would still be a couple more weeks before she FINALLY went to the doctor…scratch that the ER and they removed it)

In 2010, we lost Aunt Nell and out of everything, this was the hardest

But really, overall it’s been a great decade……

In 2002, I stood up, along with my sisters, for my brother and sister-in-law as they became husband and wife
I then watched my brother become a Dad three times over in 2004, 2006, and 2008

Both my parents were able to retire (2003 and 2008) while they were still young enough and healthy enough to truly enjoy what they’ve earned; for that I am most grateful

In 2004, The Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years…
I still can’t even believe it happened…….
I haven’t totally processed that win yet so when it happened again in 2007…..well, I’ll probably start celebrating that Pennant next year

In 2005, I met Sean

In 2006, he proposed

In 2007, we got married and our families and friends were there to celebrate with us

In 2008, we were able to share with said families and friends that we were expecting our first child

In 2008, I also watched the Celtics win the Championship for the first time since 1986 (along with conference and divisions titles in 2008/2010 and 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively)

In 2009, Lucy Ellen arrived and has brought more love, joy, laughs and happiness into my life than I ever thought possible…this may be the only even that comes close to eclipsing the World Series win of 2004……ok, just kidding….she is way better than a World Series Pennant….
And if having a baby wasn’t enough, we decided to buy our first house 3 months later

In 2010 I stood up, again with my sisters and this time my brother, for my youngest sister and brother-in-law as they became husband and wife

Later that year, we took our first trip to England as a family
My in-laws met their granddaughter/niece/cousin for the first time…and we met our niece Hannah for the first time…and I met all kinds of new Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

I celebrated my favorite Cousin’s nuptials with her in 2011(once in April and once in July) and the Bruins captured the Stanley Cup

If I were more of a football fan, I would point out that in my 30’s, the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002, 2004, and 2005 (we’ll leave out the perfect season they blew in 2008)

Oh 30’s! My dear sweet wonderful 30’s…..

We have been through so much
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve learned about life
We’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained…lost….gained….
We’ve found love…..a love so worth more than holding onto – it’s worth fighting for, cherishing, relishing and appreciating………it’s the love of a husband and daughter I was never sure I would know – thank you for making me be patient and waiting for it

Oh 30’s! My dear sweet wonderful 30’s…………..

We did not quite have the fun we had in our 20’s but I gotta tell ya, I’d pick you over and over again
And, I remember you way better than I remember my 20’s

Oh 30’s! My dear sweet wonderful 30’s…………..

I’m sad we are saying good bye for you are one friend I shall never see again….
We’ll never bump into each other at the supermarket, the airport, a crowded street or the mall
We’ll never meet up again to relive the good times, damn the bad times and dream about the times to come
Tonight, when we lay down to go to sleep, we will have but a few waking moments together and they will be our last….

So if I forget to tell you……….

Thank you 30’s
This has been the best part of my life so far
Thank you for my health, my happiness
For my husband and my daughter
For my family and my friends
Thank you for my confidence
Thank you for encouraging me to grow, to change, to relax, to let go and to laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before

And though I hope even better times are to come, rest easy knowing that the only reason I’ll enjoy my 40’s is because of you and what you have given me

Thanks for the memories 30’s…..sleep well……

With lots of love, gratitude, appreciation and a twinge of sadness as we say good bye....
Godspeed 30's, Godspeed

Maria the Mum

PS: Feel free to take my gray hair with you as a reminder of our time together….and 20lbs!


  1. 'And, I remember you way better than I remember my 20’s'

    This is mainly cos you spent most of your 20's drunk.

  2. Hey buddy - she liked you very much in her 30s...I'd tread carefully if I were you : )

    A lovely good-bye to a great time and on to more wonderful times. I can tell you that with age comes more wisdom than you know what to do with. So lucky to be on this ride with you!♥


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