Friday, July 30, 2010

7,8 or 9

A few weeks ago, I was conducting interviews for an open position we have here at work. It was for a Part Time Administrative Assistant to work in our Service Department. I received over 350+ resumes and we brought in ten for interviews

I was just going through my emails looking for something when I stumbled across this email I sent my boss in regards to how the interviewing was going at the time...thought it might make someone out there chuckle....and feel my pain


From: Maria Sykes
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 12:04 PM
To: Removed to protect his privacy
Subject: Clearly my skills at screening resumes are rusty at best

I’ve been doing interviews all morning (and 4 more to go)
Thought you’d appreciate the exchange below - the interview lasted less than 15 minutes
I can’t make this shit up

Me What do you look for in a job
Applicant Someplace I can do a job

Me How would you describe your personality?
Applicant I don’t know…7, 8 or 9

Me In your last position, you processed POs
Applicant I did?
Me It’s listed on your resume….
Applicant Oh
Me Didn’t you process purchase orders?
Applicant Oh, yeah, purchase orders, not POs
Me Ok, umm, what software did you use for that? (I don’t even know why I asked this, I was desperate to make conversation)
Applicant Uhmm, I don’t really remember. I don’t even really remember doing them
Me But it’s the first thing listed on your resume
Applicant Yep. I called to confirm pricing

Me On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest, what is your level of comfort with Excel
Applicant What do you mean?
Me You listed Excel on your resume as a skill
Applicant Yep
Me What is your level of comfort with it?
Applicant Opening it? A 7
Me Ok well, what about creating a spreadsheet or using a spreadsheet?
Applicant Uh, yeah, not really…so probably like a 5

Me Ok well, thanks for coming in, we’ll be in touch next week to let you know
Applicant Oh great, can I get $25 an hour?
Me Uh, we were not planning on paying that much
Applicant Ok well I’ll take $12 an hour and health insurance
Me Ok well, we’ll be in touch, nice meeting you and thanks for coming in

Elmo, the Mum (not how I signed my email, just my blog)

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