Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Happy, Uh Oh Daddy, Twice as Nice, Hiding, Sick, Whale

I Happy
I was sweeping the kitchen and set the broom aside to pick up the dust pan. Lucy grabbed the broom, started pushing it around on the floor and declared Mama! I help! I help!
When her dad came home, she told her Dad I help Mama clean up!

We were driving one day and had the music playing. We were singing and laughing and having a between two songs, Lucy let out a big sigh and said Mama! I happy! I happy!

She walks over to the pantry door, stands in front of it and says I hungry. Snack please.

She also will warn you she's going to poop...and then kindly lets you know when she is done

Uh Oh Daddy
Sean was on the phone with Lowes Saturday about the delivery of our new washer. The purchase of the washer itself was pain free; the delivery process has been a nightmare. Saturday was the third delivery attempt and it was going about as well as the first two.
Lucy and I were upstairs getting her a clean diaper while Sean was on the phone with the store manager trying to straighten everything out.
As the conversation went on, Sean started to raise his voice and speak more rapidly and in a tone Lucy has probably not heard before.
Clean diaper in place, Lucy and I approached the top of the stairs to go down when Sean started to yell  into the phone
Lucy gasped, looked at me, pointed down over the stairs and and said Uh Oh Daddy! Daddy not happy!

Twice as Nice
For some reason, Lucy has taken to repeating everything twice
I love you Mummy Mummy, I love you Daddy Daddy
No No Daddy Daddy! No No Mummy Mummy!

I Hiding!
Lucy, while being changed, likes to look at books....often times, she'll lay the open book on her face and declare I hiding I hiding!

Lucy was sent home from school sick yesterday - she seems to have come down with a bit of a stomach bug. So today, she and I stayed home.
This morning, she fell asleep in my arms sitting at the kitchen table. I sat there for about half an hour watching the news and letting her sleep. She stirred a bit and then opened her mouth and started throwing up. I rushed her over to the sink and tried to get her to throw up in the sink...but throwing up down my shirt and in my face was far more convenient.
We trudged upstairs a few minutes later. As I was stripping her down in the bathroom, she looked at me with a sad little face and said Sorry Mama...

I'm fighting a bit of a cold and am congested so I've been blowing my nose alot.
Lucy asked me if I was sick too.
I was about to answer her when I sneezed..Lucy pipes up and says Bless you Mama!

A bit later, she asked if she could go see Georgette (her teacher) I said no because she's sick..she said I not sick Mama, only my belly is

Whale of a Tale
We were looking at some pictures of animals - as a picture flashed on the screen, Lucy named the animal: a lion, elephant, bear, zebra, panda bear, hippo, rhino. An orca whale appeared on the screen and Lucy declared it to be a panda whale....

Maria, the Mum

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