Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kryptonite, Cats and Dogs, Ssshh, 3 am, Duude

You Wet
Lucy stayed home again Friday as the stomach bug was still wrecking havoc on her constitution. I left for work at 6:30 and came home a bit after noon By the time I came home at noon to send Sean to work, he had changed her diaper at least 7 times (that's once an hour). The afternoon pretty much went the same way and a couple loads of laundry and two baths later, Lucy was in bed for the evening.

She had been in bed about an hour when she started to stir. We decided we too would just head to bed as we were tired and neither of us felt well. As soon as our heads hit the pillow, Lucy cried out for her Dad.
Sean went in and I could hear him talking softly to her...usually, she'll lie right back down and fall asleep but this particular evening, Sean picked her up for a bit of a cuddle....when all of a sudden, the moment between father and daughter was broken by a loud guttural retching sound, a splat and Sean yelling


I enter the room to see Sean standing in front of a puddle of throw up and Lucy crying.
She sees me, yelps Mama, reaches for me, opens her mouth and throws up down the front of me.

Sean in the meantime is frozen in place.....throw up is his kryptonite.

Fortunately, he was standing on the throw rug and the throw up landed on the rug with a bit of spray on her changing table and Sean's ankles. He had been holding Lucy on his shoulder so most of the throw up missed him and hit the floor....but there was some on the back of his shirt and his forearm from when he turned her around.

Lucy is sobbing and terribly distressed over having thrown up yet again.

She has throw up dribbling down her chin onto her chest.

Lucy are you all done honey?
Yeah Mama - I sorry
Its okay honey its OK. Have some water, Mama is going to get you cleaned up. I'm going to set you done and take your monkeys off (she was wearing her monkey PJs).
OK Mama.....her little lips tremble and she shivers as I unzip her PJs, grab a burp cloth and start wiping her off.

Sean has not moved - Lucy looks at him standing next to the puddle of throw up, sees a bit on his foot and says

Uh Oh Daddy, you wet!

Made me laugh but Sean merely chagrined....so I started talking him through the recovery and clean up process....because as we all know, I've been there....Sean on the other hand has never been thrown up on....

Honey, I say, just take your shirt off and drop it right in the floor - keep it on the rug - just roll it up over your head and you'll be fine. Just go quickly, rinse your hands and I need you to go get me a facecloth, wet it with warm water...I need to clean her up

I turned back to Lucy and continue to reassure her and wipe her little sniffling nose....she kept trying to lay her head on my shoulder but given that I was covered in throw up and wanted to curtail the contamination, I kept turning away knowing that within 15 seconds, Sean would be back and he could snuggle her while I got a clean shirt

Sean! Where are you? I need that facecloth! As I say this, I hear the I hear the shower turn on

Sean! What are you doing? I need that facecloth for Lucy!

He walks back into the room empty handed and says I had it on me! I had to get it off! And now I have to take a shower, I need to shower! I have to get cleaned up! There was throw up on me....

Throw up Sean, not kryptonite.....

Poor Mama
By the time I woke up Saturday morning, I had Lucy's stomach bug. Lucy seemed to be feeling much better and after waiting a bit to make sure poops were back to normal and all throw up had been expelled from her body, Sean took her out for a couple hours to let me rest.

Sean explained to Lucy that I was sick and needed to rest. Lucy's reaction?

A shake of her head and a sympathetic declaration of Poor Mama......

Do dogs chase cats?
Sunday morning, Lucy was having breakfast and watching Animal Planet as we often let her do on Sundays

I heard a commercial in the background for car insurance with the tag line "Do dogs chase cats?"

All of a sudden, Lucy let out the biggest whoop of laughter we have ever heard and was just screeching with laughter and pointing at the TV

The image on the TV?

A cat driving a car being chased by a dog driving a car

Lucy bellowed with laughter and declared Silly nunow! Silly puppy!

She continued chuckling and laughing at that commercial for the rest of her breakfast...

Silly nunow in the car! Silly puppy in the car....! she'd mutter while giggling.

Silly nunow and puppy! she'd say while laughing and shaking her head....

Quiet on the Set
We wanted to get out of the house after breakfast as we felt like we had been housebound for days so we decided to head to the Aquarium.

We got there right at 9am (because regardless of the whole spring ahead time change, someone was still up at 5 am) and as we walked in, the penguins were being fed and their rocks were being cleaned.

The penguins, when being fed, are quite vocal and we walked into a cacophony of honks and brays coming from the three different species that live there

By the time we made it around to the second penguin yard, Lucy decided she had had enough and started shushing the penguins...much to her dismay, none of them listened. So she pointed down at them and yelled

No no penguins! SSHHHH!!!!!

Look what I can do!
Sunday afternoon, Lucy and I went for a walk with Jet and Kristen

At one point, Lucy and I had fallen behind them as someone was lolly gagging....
Kristen turned around and was walking backwards encouraging Lucy to keep up with Jet.

Lucy politely ignored her.

All of a sudden, Lucy stopped, turned around, started walking backwards and after ten steps or so started giggling and said Look what I can do!! Look what I can do!!

Then she just started laughing hysterically and continued her backwards walk.

3am feeding
At 3:15 am on Monday, Lucy awoke with a start and called out for me. It was a sad little yelp and my heart sank as I was sure I was going to find her throwing up again.
Instead, I threw open her door to find her standing at the end of her crib sort of mewing like a cat does

What's wrong baby?
I hungry Mama...
I hungry Mama
Are you sure? It's 3 in the morning (like she knows that at 3 in the morning one is not supposed to get up and eat)
Yeah Mama, I hungry
OK well, what do you want?
Milk, cheese and blub blubs (goldfish crackers)

So at 3:20am, Lucy and I bonded over a cup of milk, cheese and goldfish crackers.....

We chatted about the stories we've been making up together (stories about a little girl named Lucy and her puppy Jack and their animal friends)
We talked about her going back to school (she misses Ryan and Rosie and Georgette and Kylie)...
What she should wear to school (her nunow shirt)....
She also asked for (and I gave her) an ice pack for her head (our friend Melissa was over earlier, hit her head and Lucy gave her an ice pack for her  boo boo..apparently Lucy was having sympathy pains)..she had said ice pack on her forehead for like 3 minutes....

Finally, she announced
I all done Mama, t'ank you!

And she reached up for me wrapping her arms around my neck and laying her head on my shoulder

She was asleep before we got to the top of the stairs....

I hope she remembers she can always wake me up at 3am when she's hungry.....or she wants to talk.....

Usually, Sean drops Lucy off at Day Care but yesterday morning he had a dentist appointment so I did drop off

While putting Lucy in her seat, she discovered a pair of sunglasses (hers) sticking out of the pocket of the seat in front of her. She gestured and grunted for them and asked me to put them on her.

So I placed the sunglasses on her face
She peered into the mirror hanging on the headrest in front of her and declared

Cooooool Duuuude

Not wanting to laugh aloud at her, I quickly finished buckling her in and shut the door chuckling as I walked over to the driver's side.

Halfway to school, the glasses fell off. At the red light, I put them back on

Thanks Mama
You're welcome Lucy
Yes Lucy?
She tipped her head back, and sort of peering out from underneath the glasses said, in quite a stoner/surfer/California kinda way
Tooottaalllyyy Coooool Duuuuuude

Maria, the Mum

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