Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nemo, Silly Turkey, Here Daddy

In the tub one night, Lucy lays on her belly and yells
Look Mama! I'm swimming! I'm swimming! I'm swimming like Nemo!!!!!

Driving home from school, a turkey flys out in front of the car.
Lucy spots him and declares No no silly turkey! Bobble Bobble Bobble

Finding Nemo is the favorite movie right now...she likes to quote the turtles...Totallyyy Dude....

When were watching Nemo this past Sunday, at one point, Dory swims off leaving Marlin behind - Lucy, concerned about her absence from the screen, jumps up off the couch and started shouting
Dory! Dory! Where are you! Dory! Dory! Come back Dory!

Lucy picked her nose tonight, called her Dad over, said Here Daddy and handed him the boogers - he took them.

Maria, the Mum

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