Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Numbers, Target, Boobies, Nemo

Can I quote you on that?
Lucy’s new favorite thing to do is throw down movie lines at random moments…I think she uses them as stall tactics or to distract us because she knows it makes us laugh….Nemo and Bolt are her favorite movies to quote from at the moment…..

This morning, I asked her to head upstairs to get dressed for school and she stood her ground and yelled
No no Nemo! Don’t touch the boat!!!

I gave her some goldfish crackers (blub blubs as she calls them) the other day for a snack. She held a couple in her hand sort of studying them and then informed me Fish are friends, not food!

Or she’ll sort of fly around the room singing Zones! Zones! Lets name the zones lets name the zones of the open sea!!!!

And then of course when she wants to make us laugh, she looks at us and says Totallllyyy Duuuuddddee.

She also keeps calling me Pony Boy….

Or she’ll bust out with There’s no truck that I know that can keep in Bolt and Rhino! sung while doing a little Shakira hip dance and then ends with the triumph raising of her arms above her head and the declaration AWWEESSOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!

Lucy can count to what, I’m not really sure because it goes like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 4….and then she starts over at 1

I do know that two is her favorite number: she has two hands, two eyes, two ears, two feet, two fingers, two toes, two heads…..

Yaaayyyy for Target!
A couple Saturdays ago, Sean was sick (day 4 of the stomach flu)…I told him Friday night Lucy and I would leave the house Saturday morning so he could continue to rest in solitude. At 8:45, I had her loaded in the car headed for the indoor playground at the Liberty Tree mall that she loves. At 8:53, she was sound asleep (did I forget to mention she woke up at 4:30 that morning). At 9:03, I was sitting in the parking lot of the Liberty Tree Mall trying to decide what to do….I made a couple vain attempts to wake her up but nothing worked.

At 9:13, I left the Mall and drove around…for 1.5 hours. The only errands I had to do were a deposit at the bank and diapers at Target. After an hour of aimless driving, I headed back towards the bank and Target. While at the bank drive thru doing my deposit, this little voice breaks the silence and my reverie:

Mama! I wanna go see Caitlin! I wanna see Caiti!
Hi Lucy! You scared me!
Sorry Mama
How was your nap?
I sleep Mama. I wanna see Caiti!
Ok, I tell her. Let me call Caitlin’s Mum…

So while at the bank, I call Lori and she kindly invites us over….but can we give her a half hour or so to let her finish getting dressed and give the house a quick once over – no problem I say, we need to stop at Target for diapers.

Ok Lucy, we can go see Caiti but first we have to get diapers.
At Target Mama?
Yep, at Target.
Why? Everything is why now….
Because that’s where they have your diapers and they have the best price
Well, I suppose because it’s packaged as the store brand
She pauses and says Ohh
What Lucy?
We here?
Yes Lucy, we’re here
At Target?
Yes Lucy
She lets out a whoop usually only reserved for when we pull into day Care: YAAAAYYYY!!!!

I may take Lucy to Target to much…..

So we nip into Target with our obligatory stop in the dollar section and then continue through the store. The baby section is right next to the toys…and I have no problem wandering up and down the toy aisle with Lucy.......she rarely asks for anything, she usually just wants to stop and look at it.

But today, she spotted a stuffed blue monkey almost as big as her. She yanked it off the shelf and gave him a big snuggle….

What Lucy?
An Ah Ah (noise a monkey makes, she refers to animals by the sounds they make)
I know, he’s very nice.
For Daddy?
For Daddy, poor Daddy, he sick……

Now how sweet is that?!? She wants to get the Ah Ah for Daddy…
Mama! Ah Ah for Daddy? Poor Daddy….Ah Ah make Daddy better……poor Daddy…..all said while snuggling and petting the blue monkey.

There was no way I could say no, she looked so cute and at least three people heard her and threw me the “oh what a sweet little girl” glance...no way was I going to let them judge me....so we went home with the Ah Ah.

When we arrived home, I hoisted Lucy and the Ah Ah out of her seat and pointed her in the direction of the front door. She took off up the walk and her Dad opened the door to greet her

Hi Daddy!
Hi Lucy, what do you have there?
Ah Ah! and she held the blue monkey up for Daddy to see
Oh, that’s a nice Ah Ah he says.

I catch up with her and say Lucy, is there something you want to say to Daddy?

Lucy looks at me all quizzically……Hi Dadddy!
No Lucy, do you want to tell Daddy something and give him something???

Lucy looks at me all puzzled….

So I lean in and say Give Daddy the Ah Ah and tell him to get better soon!

Lucy looks at me, then at the Ah Ah, at me, then at her Dad…

Feel better Daddy! and she runs into the house past him hugging the monkey.
Lucy! Didn’t you want to give something to Daddy? The Ah Ah perhaps?!?
No thanks you Mama! Lucy’s Ah Ah!!! and she runs into the kitchen to hide under the table while clutching the monkey to her chest…….

What a Day
I picked Lucy up from Day Care one day last week and greeted her as I always do:

Hi Lucy! I love you! How was your day?

Lucy took a deep breath, let out a sigh and replied, Long Mama……

What’s Up Doc
Lucy’s ears have been draining for the past couple weeks and she’s had a cough and a runny nose since December. I took her to the Doctor again last week and finally convinced him that we needed to do more than just treat the ear infections she’s been getting (this is number 4 since January!), we need to figure out why and get rid if this cough and runny nose.

So for the first time in a long time, I finally got someone in the medical profession to stay in the room longer than 10 minutes and actually listen to me and answer my questions.

We talked for about 10-15 minutes (about her history, what we’ve been doing for her etc etc) before he was even ready to examine Lucy. As he and I were talking, she was sitting quietly on the exam table looking at her books and nibbling on blub blubs.

The doctor says Hi Lucy

She looks at him but says nothing

What are you looking at?

Camel she tells him pointing to the picture of the camel without making eye contact with him

Ahh, what else is in there? Is that a horse? And is that a zebra? He’s chattering away trying to distract her while moving in for a look into her ears…he almost gets there when Lucy looks at him and says

No thank you! as she ducks her head away and covers her ear

He chuckles and says Lucy, can I look in your ear, I want to try and fix it for you…
No thank you, Mama fix….and she goes back to reading her book

I tell him it may help if I pick her up and hold her against me…he agrees and I scoop her up and lay her head against my chest…..at which point she informs the doctor I have boobies….

Unto you, Lucy is born
Lucy’s #2 Birthday is coming up.

Periodically she announces It’s Lucy birthday! Then she proceeds to sing Happy Birthday to herself….she's been doing this for a couple weeks now.

I asked her if she wanted a party for her birthday and she responded with an enthusiastic Nemo party, Dude!

Who should come?
My friends! and she rattles off the usual suspects that we hang around with….Chase, Ben, Aubrey, Catherine, Caitlin, Cora……I don’t have the heart to tell her that Cora has moved away…..

So in my head, I started to plan a Nemo party thinking that I could do a sheet cake (yes, make it myself) decorated with some of the characters from the movie…you know, I would just buy the little plastics toys and stick them on top..but I was going to use green linguini for seaweed (pulled off before we ate the cake) blue frosting for water, maybe a little bit of colored marzipan or fondant for coral, those little silver ball candy sprinkle things for bubbles, pink snow balls for the jelly fish (licorice for their tentacles), black frosting under the little pink guy that inks when he’s scared, I was even going to go to the pet store and buy a little miniature Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie…..so I said

Hey Lucy, what kind of cake do you want (in my head, it was already a chocolate cake)
White Mama!
White?! I swear she was switched at birth….
Yeah Mama. White. No cake
No cake?!? What d you mean no cake? We have to have cake! It’s a birthday party!
I want cup cakes!
Cup cakes?
Yeah Mama, little cakes!

The she giggles and takes off singing Zones! Zones!

Well, there goes my freakin’ awesome idea for Nemo cake……

So now I’m doing white cupcakes with blue water frosting, some sort of sprinkles for the bubbles and I found these cute little cupcake rings that have the characters on them that just sit on top of the cupcake (borrinnggg) then the kids can take home the rings…

Now apparently, Nemo is out of date because I had a really tough time finding Nemo stuff…..But I have secured the necessary props and pictures will follow as I don’t tyink I can do it justice in words…party is on the 9th so look for pictures shortly thereafter…..but let me leave you with this: I’m making the jelly fish, the ceiling will look like water, there will be a bubble machine, turtles, fish, a sea horse, and a sting ray…….I just need a shark…..

Maria, the Mum

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