Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lucy in Pictures

Not far from our house, 2 miles up Route 38 to be exact and then a right onto 62, is a really great Park that we are big fans of....there are 4 things that make this a kick ass park and one of Lucy's favorite places to go:

1. Really cool playground equipment including a dragon slide and swings that go really high!
2.There is a pond where we can watch the ducks and geese and look for whales (we have yet to see a whale but sometimes we see frogs)
3. It is next door to the Public Safety Building and if the front garage doors are open, the firemen have no problem with you coming in and wandering around - very cool for a little girl who LOVES fire engines, fire hydrants and ambulances....added bonus: if your kid gets hurt, you can just yell 911 and someone will come running
4. There is a Gazebo that doubles as Lucy's Clubhouse - it's invitation only

Back in August, the Parent Group from Lucy's Day Care (which I love so much I wish it were my Day I wish I could go a student....not even as a teacher....) sponsored an Ice Cream Social at the Park so we wandered up and met Kevin, Lori and Caiti

Lori was snapping pictures and like Sean, has an uncanny ability to take some gorgeous photos.....she sent me some a week or so ago and below are my two new favorites...the second one may be my all time favorite, it is quintessential Lucy...the first one is right before she burst out in her full body bout of laughter...oh how I adore her!

Thank you Lori for capturing my daughter in the essence of her being......

Maria the Mum

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