Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Don't Take Direction Well

My readership has dropped dramatically since I left Facebook....which has been a severe blow to my ego and as a result, I have not felt like writing.....which has not stopped me from starting at least a dozen posts and jotting notes to myself for future posts....but I have no incentive to finish

Now, one would think the joy of writing is incentive enough but apparently, I need more...I want more...I crave more...I need external approval and appreciation.....I need validation....look at that, I'm a head case and did not even know (read accept) it!

So I decided this morning I would finish what I started almost two months ago and create a Facebook page to let everyone know when I posted a blog entry

So I raced over to Facebook, read no directions, started clicking radio buttons and entering distorted words and numbers into boxes when prompted...

Now let me just point out that the last time (2 months ago) I tried to create a page, I failed miserably. I tried to convert my Maria page into a Group page, read no directions or help boxes, just started clicking and hitting enter and as a result ended up defriending a bunch of people
Which then made me mad at Facebook because I could not figure out who I deleted so I left Facebook in a huff...and in the process, I hurt some peoples' would think I learned my lesson...I have not

I created a page all right, but now I have no idea how tell people its there, import or notify my contacts, tell my friends on my other page to come to this page.....I can't get the Like or Subscribe button to show up on my blog page thing, I can't post anything on the FB page.........*blurg*

Now, I'll have to go home and ask Sean to help me....and I'll be all annoyed because I have to ask for help when really its because I don't have the patience to figure it out. And I'll get all annoyed because he'll figure it out in like mere minutes and if he doesn't, he'll drop whatever he was doing and work on it just to keep me quiet (because I'll moan and complain about how stupid it is and not logical until he is pushed right to the edge) And he'll ask me at some point what I was doing....what he really wants to know is did I read the directions or follow the prompts.....And I'll say can you please just do it (in my exasperated tone) and then he'll just do it and I'll complain about the functionality of it (whatever it may be) as if it is all Sean's's how I roll.......poor Sean....

But soon, I shall have my own group page....and then, I will be discovered....I'm not sure by who or how or what the outcome will be but I have a feeling I am on the verge of being discovered....

Maria the Mum

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  1. Oh dear --- we are SO related. I figure that, like any 2 year old, I can do it myself and I don't need directions. And, like you, I am blessed to have a husband who makes sure he has all the parts, understands what needs to happen, and then does it.

    Speaking of your group - I'd follow you to the ends of the earth - just show me the path sistah!


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