Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl's Got Skills....all but one....

Do you know what my day job is? I'm the office manager/controller/business manager (whatever you call it in your world) for a $20 million dollar company

I oversee payables and receivables, I monitor the bank activity, I control a $1.5 million dollar line of credit. I have total signing authority on bank checks and company documents. I prepare weekly and monthly financial statements, review job profitability reports, work with our accountant prepping for year end close out and corporate taxes. I file sales tax reports, OSHA reports and register us to do business in states we've never worked in. I've implemented a new software, switched out computers and programmed office phones. I deal with employee benefits, commercial lines of insurance, audits, Union Benefits, and job searches. I can order office equipment, change the toner in the copier and faxes, clear paper jams, and the Unions....

Know what I can't do?

Figure out how to add the silly Facebook LIKE button to my blog

Maria the Mum


  1. You have to do some coding it seems ( I can do it this weekend if you wish.

  2. Thank goodness Sean is here! Get that button up Sean so I can start liking these on FB :}


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