Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casting Call

As inspired by Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop
3.) Your life is being turned into a movie…who will play your cast ofcharacters?

In doing this, I realize that I watch way too much TV and way too many movies. But this may be the most fun I have had in a long time!

I stuck with the main players: Sean, Lucy, myself, my immediate family, my husband’s family…but I think, I may, on a rainy day, cast the rest of the characters in my life because this was loads of fun…..

Sean: He would love me to say Nicholas Cage because his co-workers have told him that is who he looks a bit like but we all know only one person could play Sean…..Ty Burrell circa Modern Family

Me: I’d love to say Kate Winslet or Jennifer Garner or Anne Hathaway or Queen Latifah, but I’d be
more on track with Melissa McCarthy or Brooke Elliot…I was really holding out for Queen Latifah but
what you can do……

Lucy : I may let Lucy play herself….she really needs to start contributing financially to this household….and if some law prohibits it, I guess, in a pinch, the kid from Raising Hope though she may be a bit too young…..or Elmo....Elmo could totally pull off Lucy

Mum: Meryl Strep or Maggie Smith or Dixie Carter would thrill her….but I think she really should be played by either Jane Curtain or Susan Saint James…Meryl is too method. Maggie is too old and well, bless her, Dixie is dead….and I may have said Dixie only because I think my mother secretly wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women…anyway, I think Jane Curtain would be the best fit – Susan Saint James is too tall

Dad: William Shatner……I don’t even think I’d have to go any further on this one…no wait, James Garner…James Garner as Jim Egan meets Shep Walker (sorry Dad, not as Rockford or Tank Sullivan)

Brother: Jason Bateman…it just so fits….they look alike, talk alike, have the same mannerisms…my brother is Michael Bluth meets Henry Weston meets David Hogan

Sister in Law: My first choice was Nia Vardalos….but I really think Leah Remini could pull it off better

Sister #1: Kate Levering circa Drop Dead Diva – Shannon Doherty popped into my head but that may send the wrong message..oh no wait, Joan Cusack. Joan Cusack could totally pull off this sister….I think Joan Cusack is the winner…she might be too old though…. We could work with the lighting though….Joan Cusack, you’re hired!

Sister #2: I’m torn between Elisabeth Moss or Thora Birch. Both have that deer in the head light look about them but really, they are a wolf on sheep’s clothing and can take care of themselves….ooh, and Claire Danes….nah, I I’m going to go with Elisabeth

Sister #2’s Fiancée: At first, I thought Michael Rappaport but he’s a Yankee’s fan…Matt Damon is too Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is not enough Matt Damon…Timothy Olyphant could do it physically but all I can see is Raylan Givens  and the Bad Guy from Live Free or Die Hard (which I’m still mad not a single shot was done in New Hampshire) ….but having said that, Olyphant is the best choice because Timothy Hutton is too old and Jesse Eisenberg is too young…..

Sister #3: Christina Ricci or Mayim Bialik – I’m sure she’d love me to say SJP but that would be so cliché… I think Ricci (circa Pan Am)…I want to say Mayim only because when she was younger, they bore a striking resemblance to one another but I’m not so sure Blossom could play this sister. But Ricci could totally play this sister………….

Sister #4: Kirsten Dunst (think Virgin Suicides meets Bring it on) or Julia Stiles pop into my head but I think Julia might be a bit too harsh for this sister – and Dunst has this slightly…not innocent, not naïve…she’s just got this little way about her that Sister #4 also has….its endearing and kooky with a bit of don’t fuck with me type of attitude that you don’t quite see at first…I’m going with Dunst…wait, Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly not Covert Affairs….)…..nah, I’m sticking with Dunst

Sister #5: I didn’t even have to think very long about this one: Linda Cardellini (think Freaks and Geeks)…Margaret Cho on Drop Dead Diva if we were Asian but we’re not........

I also have 4 nephews and 2 nieces ranging in age from 12-4....the boys could be played by the kids
from Dino Dan and if it were 1982, my nieces could be played by two of the little girls from the movie
Annie............or, we could just pick 6 of teh muppets from Fraggle Rock and call it good.

Mum-in-Law: Charlotte Rampling or Judi Dench…I also thought about Maggie Smith but I think
Charlotte is the best choice

Father in Law: If Lionel Jeffries were still alive, (as Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) he could
totally be Colin.…. But he’s not so I thought about Anthony Hopkins but he’s Welsh…and then I
thought Albert Finney in Big Fish but I’m not so sure….Jim Broadbent (Prof Slughorn and Bridget
Jones’s Dad) but then I thought of the guy who played Marcus in the Indiana Jones movies but when
I looked him up, turns out he’s dead… Jim Broadbent it is…
Sister in Law: Geraldine Somerville as Lily Potter – it’s the Mum in her that makes me pick Geraldine…I thought about the girl who played Tonks but I think this is a better fit

Brother in Law Hugh Grant: Something about the eyes and the Aw Shucks manner they both have…plus, John went and got all skinny….

I feel somewhat inspired to write a screenplay….or become a casting agent, one of the two…..

Maria the Mum


  1. Wow, you went all out here, did the entire family. I totally caved and did just the three of us at home.

    You're such an overachiever! Great list!

  2. This seemed fun, but unfortunately, I don't watch much TV or movies so I didn't know any of these names. (Now if you'd said, Pat Sajak or Vanna White, but that's just silly.)

    Anyway, I'm wondering if your might really need to BE a casting agent ...


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