Friday, June 15, 2012

Post It Note

**The following events happened between 7:30am and 8:10am Friday, June 15th

I emptied my WHOLE bag looking for a post it note on which was written a work related password and log in for the audit I have coming up – sheer panic started to set in as I need to finish off the paperwork today but without that post it note, I’m sort of screwed……so I’ve spent 10 minutes sifting through my bag
In order to maintain a level of composure, I decided I would write, that always seems to calm me down

Awhile ago, I went through this similar exercise, writing about what was in my bag  
Here’s what’s in my bag today….and by bag, it’s the same tote I was carrying back in October….I know we’re supposed to switch out bags for seasons and other crazy reasons but I don’t – I used to switch out bags but I kept losing things….I’m safer in one bag at all times, trust me on this one….

3 hair clips
A crumpled Dunkin Donuts napkin which I do not dare to open as there may or may not be something inside it

Oriental Trading catalog
One Step Ahead catalog

Book – Wait Till Next Year – Doris Kearns Goodwin – if you like her, if you like baseball, if you like memoirs, do yourself a favor and pick it up

At least 4, no 6 random bank receipts
3 Dum Dum Lollipops

A zebra leg

4 packs fruit snacks

A zebra with two legs
Mini Cars Yo Yo

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm which I have been looking for for like a month

Loose fruit snack – and it’s really hard
A Maxam Lockback Knife

A Pampered Chef Paring knife
The fourth and hopefully final zebra leg

A set of keys (which I have no idea what they go to)
A pair of Lucy’s underwear and shorts

Thumb Drive
Camera Case (empty)

Stack of cards…a big stack of cards….I’m like a hoarder……grrr...the Father’s Day cards I need to get in the mail…..TODAY!
4 pens (should be easy to write out those cards)

3 Random credit cards (one of which has not been activated)
New membership card for the Boston Children’s Museum

Oh, finally, my wallet…opened it really quick to see if Post It note is in there….it’s not….but at least 4 receipts tumbled to the ground when I unzipped it – and a panty liner…why in God’s name is that in my wallet?!?! And I just used my wallet last night at the grocery store…was that in there?
Checkbook…strike that….checkbook cover…where is the checkbook?

Bills to be paid (must find check book)
Mail to be answered

New Vision Plan Card
Hair brush

Church Bulletin
1 crayon (brown) in three parts

3 Dum Dum Lollipops (cream soda, butterscotch, mystery flavor
Camera Battery (not inside camera)

Slimy loose fruit snack (eeww)
Three rocks (and I mean rocks, not pebbles)

Another pack of fruit snacks
Little note pad


Mortgage bill (paid)

11, no 13 Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (you know the big blue ones we all get in the mail)
Various other coupons from Target to Build a Bear to Hallmark

Thank God…my camera
Eyeglass Cloth

And in the bottom of my bag?
 A mixture of mulch, crushed food substances (I’m guessing cheerios, pretzels and possibly more fruit snacks, some chewed some not), dirt, sand (?), and a whole lot of coffee stains (which also adorn the handles and the sides of the bag….inside and out) 

Trash (lollipop wrappers, fruit snack wrappers, gum wrapper, rogue piece of gum not in a wrapper…)

Is that a Certs? Do they even make Certs anymore? Have I ever actually purchased Certs?
No Post It Note…..well, there were some post it notes with random phone numbers scribbled on them, a few blog ideas and a reminder to go to the cleaners (I have no idea when that note is from, if I was supposed to pick up or drop off and if I still need to go…)

I’m trying to close the month, prepare for an Audit and this morning at 3am, I woke up and remembered I have a Qualifying App that needs to be completed today as well – my palms are sweaty, my stomach is turning, my nerves are shot and it’s not even 8:30

I just found my Post It Note
On my monitor….the one I am looking at right now…it’s next to the one about the error codes in Jonas….on the right hand side…its one of 4…how did I miss that…..

I’m adding this episode to my ongoing list of how I know I am on the verge of 40………… could someone please start praying for me?

Maria the Mum

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  1. Laughing and sending prayers and wondering how freaking huge that bag must be!


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