Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's in your wallet?

This post made me laugh aloud....actually, quite a few of her posts make me laugh out loud...some make me cringe but that's the beauty of her writing

Anyway, she listed the contents of her bag (in case you did not click on that link) and challenged her readers to do the same....I'm sitting at my desk eating lunch and thought sure, why not...

I actually carry two bags, a tote bag and a purse...but my purse is in my tote bag...yeah, I carry both...don't ask....
But let's start with my purse:
a little black notebook that contains lists of things I'm supposed to do, ideas for stories/blog, list of books I want to read, movies I want to see, and pictures of Sean and Lucy
a Tide to Go Pen
a hairbrush...with a rouge fruit snack clinging to one of the bristles
the company bank cards and 8 deposit slips
in a little bag in my purse I found:
2 tubes of chapstick (Blistex Deep Renewal and Aquafina lip balm)
a tube of lip gloss that was purchased for my sister's wedding last summer and last used at my sister's wedding last summer
a stack of receipts from Kohl's, AC Moore, Market Basket, Target
12 credit cards (3 of which are expired, 3 to replace the expired, one for a store that does not exist anymore, one for the gas station, JJill when I was thinner and shopped there but I can’t bear to cancel as I might someday be thinner and able to shop there again, one that is not even a credit card but that card that tells you what to leave for a tip...where did I get that? Oh, and here's my AAA card I've been looking for...but it’s expired.....and the 12th card is the new AAA card)
5 gift cards which may or may not have any money on them
two membership cards (the Aquarium and BJs)
10 "frequent" shopper cards including Build-a-Bear, the Lego Store and the Hallmark Store
a picture of Cooper when he was about a year old wallet......

Tote Bag:
a bag of Fruit Loops
tuition bill for Day Care
coupon for $1 Skinny Cow candy (free samples at the Gym the other night)
Lucy's Lifetime Health and Vaccination Record booklet (she got her flu shot last week)
a photocopy of said booklet.....I was maybe supposed to drop that off at Day Care....
2 sheets of Cars stickers
1/2 eaten package of Scooby Doo fruit snacks - think I can throw this out, there appears to be some lint or something in there
an unopened package of Cars fruit snacks
my camera
4 pens
a stack of bills that need to be paid
Walgreens photo envelope...just flipped through said photos...I printed a bunch a few weeks ago for all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents...sent them off and this stack is from her birthday, the 4th of July, general summer cuteness.....she really is a cute kid.....we have no idea where she came from......but she's a keeper....despite her 40 minute tantrum this morning for no reason that resulted in no one eating breakfast, her sulking all the way to school and then her not wanting her Dad to go and leave her there..........
a book of stamps
ewww, what the hell is that?!? Some sort of food morsel...gross
Sponge Bob sticker
receipt from Lucy's Doctor's appointment
bag of goldfish crackers...make that stale goldfish crackers....
bottle of acetaminophen
pair of Lucy's socks (clean)
a burp cloth (her nose has been running all week)
$8 coupon for Hallmark store - awesome
stack of cards (thank you cards, generic birthday cards, thinking of you cards)
20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond
and at the very bottom of the bag, a sheet of animal stickers, an orange crayon, a black sharpie and a nail file

Hmmmph…..where's my wallet......?

Maria the Mum

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