Thursday, May 16, 2013

It isn't easy being green.....

As she does every year, our friend Kristen hosted a Mother's Day Brunch/Party for her sisters and sister-in-law this past Sunday

And as always, we were included

Mother's Day, the morning of the celebration, we were getting dressed for the day so we could go help Kristen set up and get things ready

Sean headed off to the store to get ice for Kristen, I ran up to take a shower
Lucy was coloring at her table

Lucy Mummy is going up to take a shower
OK Mumma, I love you
I love you listen, when I'm done, I'll call you upstairs so we can brush your teeth and get you dressed
Sure Mumma
OK but when I call for you, I need you to come up, we need to go help Kristen set up
Sure Mumma
Luce - are you listening to me?
Yes Mumma, when you call me, I come up and we brush our teeth and get dressed - Okay?
OK Luce, thanks honey

I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and set out our clothes
The I called Lucy up

Lucy, Mummy's all done, can you come up please?
Just a minute Mumma

And I hear her laugh, this funny little laugh
It was sort of like a cross between a giggle, a belly laugh and the laugh of a mad scientist

I start to get dressed giving her a few minutes to finish before I call down to her again

Lucy, honey, come on please
Okay Mumma! Just a second

And I hear that little laugh again
Which by now is that evil impish laugh
You know, the laugh which is code for I am totally doing something I'm not supposed to be and it is pretty stinking funny

Hang on Mumma! I'm just finishing coloring something for you for Mother's Day!
Alright baby, just come on up to the bathroom

I go back in the bathroom and can hear her running from her table to the stairs
Herbie (the cat) appears in the bathroom first so I know she is double timing it up the stairs
She is giggling and shouting at the same time

As she bounds into the bathroom, Lucy yells with great gusto, pride and love:

Happy Mother's Day!
I colored my chin green for you!


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