Sunday, May 12, 2013

Suck it cancer, she's going to win

I know this young woman, I’ve written about her before, who is one of my favorite people in the world
I don’t see her often, don’t talk to her very much but there is something about her that is so endearing you can’t help but fall for her the moment you meet her

And once you fall for her, she is always “there”

I met her through her Aunt who is a cherished and dear friend
I don’t even really remember the first time I “officially” met her

I just remember that from the first moment I met her, she made me laugh and I was in awe and maybe even a bit intimidated by her
I was intimidated by her because at such a young age, she was stoic, strong, mature, confident and so genuine, and has an inner beauty that rivals her outer beauty

She lit up the room with this huge smile and had a laugh that filled every corner of the space she stood in – and it made everyone laugh just as hard as she was  
She is quick witted and has a sense of humor that is as sarcastic, sardonic and self deprecating as my own

She is fiercely loyal to her mother and her family
She displays with ease her unconditional love, admiration, and adoration for her now husband

She is devoted to her friends and is the kind of friend who is there for them before they even realize they need her
She has a heart so big, so open, so pure……..

She has a heart so big and so strong and so forgiving and understanding, it amazes me one person can harness all it has to offer……all its energy, all its love
And she has cancer

She has cancer

When my friend told me of her niece’s diagnosis, I had no idea what to do or say

My instinct was to pick up the phone and call this young woman
But I figured at that moment in time she was probably overwhelmed and inundated with family and friends much closer to her than me

And I felt she needed them, and they needed her, more than I did at that moment
So I just prayed for her

For her, for her husband, and for her mother

For her family and friends
But mostly, I prayed for her

She has cancer
And her family, a family who would move heaven and earth for one another, is behind her

Loving her
Praying for her

Hoping for her

And yes, suffering with her
And her friends, a close knit group I’ve only witnessed from afar and heard so many stories about, is behind her

Loving her
Praying for her

Hoping for her

And yes, suffering with her

And her husband….her husband is as amazing as she is 
And there he is too is behind her, beside her

Loving her
Praying for her

Hoping for her
And yes, suffering with her in ways none of us could probably imagine

So I just keep praying for her
I keep praying for her, hoping for her….for she and her husband

I pray that their happily ever after will be forever and always  
A couple weeks ago, I saw her Aunt

How is she I asked
Her Aunt, my dear friend, with a smile said Oh, you know her…..she’s doing what she has to do and she’s doing it as only she can

And would you believe, my friend continued, would you believe she is more worried about the kids (in the family)….how it will impact them, how they’ll react when they see her, than she is herself
Yes, yes I can I said

I believe it because of who this young woman is, because of how she was raised, because her Grandmother was the woman she was, because she is the wife she is to her husband
I believe she has thought of so many others before she has thought of herself

And I believe she does not even think twice about it because that is who she is
I believe this young woman is fighting with every ounce of energy, love and support she has

And I believe because of that, she will be fine
And I believe she’ll win

She has cancer
But cancer does not have her

It doesn’t deserve her

Her husband, her family, her friends….they deserve her
And she deserves them

So suck it cancer

She’s going to win

 Maria the Mum


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