Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bless You

August 27th, 2016

Sean is in Maine as he is every year at this time for the American Folk Festival
Historically, every time Sean goes out of town something happens
He left this past Tuesday and things have been pretty uneventful
Up until 20 minutes ago
That was when Lucy clogged the toilet
And I seemingly forgot to put the pot on the coffee maker before hitting brew
Then the cat ran into the closed sliding glass door
So I cleaned up the kitchen and made a fresh pot of coffee
Unclogged the toilet and wiped down the bathroom
Then soothed the cat and gave him a treat
I parked Lucy in front of the TV and came out onto the back deck with my fresh cup of coffee
That was when the acorns from the tree over our deck started falling onto my head and into my cup of coffee
And then the cat sneezed and somehow threw up at the same time
On my foot
I did not know a cat could sneeze and throw up at the same time

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