Friday, July 22, 2011

About me, Not here, I know who, The Big Show

All About Me
As we shared a few blogs ago, Lucy is a Beatles fan. Not a day goes by that she does not request to hear the Beatles. She has even learned the words to a few songs and will sing (and by sing I mean yell) along with George, Paul, Ringo and John as loudly as she can and in between giggles and fits of dancing.

Lucy discovered a mere week or so ago that the Beatles wrote a song about her...I of course am referring to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. When she hears it, she cocks her head to the side and gets this coy little little on her face and asks

Mama, the Beatles sing about Lucy?
They do Lucy...
Mama, Beatles made a song about me?
They did Lucy! Can you believe it? Its totally about you and not drugs (OK, I did  not say the drugs part but I promise it ran through my head)
I like the Beatles Mama! I in the sky?! (a half question/statement)
Yep, the Beatles wrote about you in the sky!
Oh Mama (insert giggle here).....and I have diamonds?!
You sure do Lucy.....
I lucky Mama!

Not up here
This morning, Lucy was picking her nose, her new favorite hobby and her Dad says

Lucy!What are you looking for up there? Gold? Diamonds?
No Daddy! Diamonds are in the sky!!!

And with that she stuck her finger in her nose and kept digging for whatever it is she's digging for

I know who?!
Its been hot here the past few days and though we are lucky enough to have central air, this is the week it has chosen to act up. As a result, out house is just as hot if not hotter than its been outside. Wednesday, our friend Manny swung by to take a  look at it.

Lucy has met Manny before but as usual, was a bit shy when he first came to the door.

Sean and Manny proceeded to get to work on the AC and Lucy and I read books

30 minutes later, it seemed the problem had been fixed and with profuse thanks, we sent Manny on his way.

As I was getting Lucy into bed, she said to me

Mama, Daddy and Manny all done?
They are Lucy, they fixed it.
Oh that's good Mama
Hmm, it is...
Yes Lucy?
With great awe and surprise in her voice she asked/declared,
Mama, I know Handy Manny?!?

Follow up: When we awoke Thursday morning, the AC had switched off again. After more trouble shooting, we've determined that the thermostat is the problem - so we switched it out last night. Awoke this morning to a 76 degree house...hopefully this is the fix!
Follow up to teh follow up: went home at lunch, new thermostat not the answer! I'll be at the Hayes' house if anyone is looking for me!

The Big Show
As we all know, Lucy is a Winnie-the-Pooh fan having been read Winnie-the-Pooh circa 1926 and The House at Pooh Corner circa 1928 at least a dozen times each. So when she saw the movie trailer on TV a couple weeks ago for the Winnie-the-Pooh movie, she asked straight away if we could go see it.

Last weekend was the highly anticipated (in the Sykes Home anyway) release of the movie. We took Lucy to see it on Sunday (after a false start Saturday which I blame my Saturday for the shit week I am having but that is another blog). The previews were about 10 minutes then there was a movie short and then, the movie itself was 60 minutes (64 if you sat through the credits and saw the scene at the end of the credits, which we did)

This was Lucy's first outing to The Big Show - sure, we've watched movies at home (Elmo in Grouchland, Finding Nemo, Bambi, Dumbo) but this was our first foray into the public eye for a feature film.....Lucy loved it and she did great.

The movie plot was taken from Chapter Four of Winnie-the-Pooh in Which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One but there were all kinds of little subplots pulled from other chapters of both books.....they were all woven together to come up with a 60 minute story sure to entertain little ones, amuse older ones and wane nostalgia for others....there was something old fashioned about this film...even the movie short that played before it (made both Sean and I tear up a bit) was somewhat old was nice to sit tthrough a kid's movie that was purely a kid's movie....nothing I needed to worry about scaring Lucy or causing bad dreams, no change in the characters' looks, no change in anything really.....and no attempt to modernize it...even the toys seen in Christopher Robin's room were old fashioned....quite delightful really.

While reading the Pooh books to Lucy, I take great delight in the misspellings (OWL spelled WOL, Back Soon spelled Bak Son) and mispronounced words (Expedition/Expotition). In the  movie, one of these misspellings which becomes a mispronunciation (and a key sub plot line) is when CR leaves a note for his friends telling them he's bisy in morn, bak son. He was really saying busy in the morning, back soon but Owl made a right old mess of that one! Subsequently, it was determined Christopher Robin had been taken by a monster called a Bakson...!!! The look of the Bakson was depicted through Owl's imagination and soon had the friend shaking with terror...but they were determined to rescue Christopher Robin....hilarity ensued and after finding Christopher Robin, and Eeyore's tail, the movie came to an end and Lucy asked if we could see it again!

She has talked about the movie non stop telling everyone she went to see it with great enthusiasm and animation:

I see Winnie-the-Pooh movie! she'll yell while jumping up and down
Eeyore lost his tail! Pooh found it! she'll screech with joy
Ohh, the bakson! she cries, timidly while screwing up her face as if she's scared
I no like the bakson! she'll declare

But then we remind her that the bakson was really just a silly make believe monster as all monsters are really silly at heart and she says

Oh yeah! and starts yelling while giggling
Bakson, bakson! Where the bakson? Bakson gonna get Lucy?
Mama! Daddy! We go see Winnie-the Pooh movie again?

Yes Lucy, I'm sure we'll see it many more long as you love and laugh, we can do whatever you want.....

Maria, the Mum

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