Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Resolution Update

I made 5 New Year's Resolutions.
We're a bit over halfway through the year....here's how its going:

Resolution #1: Once a month date night with husband
January: We know we had a date night, we just can't remember what it was....but I'm sure we had fun and totally reconnected

February: This is the date day that almost did not happen...was a fiasco but with a happy ending.
We had tickets to the Celtics game Sunday afternoon - which also happened to be Super Bowl Sunday.
We were going to go have a nice lunch, attend the Game, maybe have a little time in the city.
But the friend who was supposed to watch Lucy for us flaked out and made plans with her family....then she got sick.

So on Friday afternoon at 5pm, we were scrambling for a sitter.

When I picked Lucy up, I wildly asked any of the teachers if they would be willing to sit for Lucy - Rosalie, yes, Lucy's beloved Rosie, was the only one with no plans. And from that day on, Rosie is our #1 Sitter.
So off we go.....we got stuck in traffic, were late for the game, ate shitty sausages, saw a ho-hum game and ended up leaving early to get home and avoid traffic...not quite what we planned but the good thing was Rosie became Lucy's sitter....and all three of us adore her

March and April: We were all sick in March...for like weeks on end.
In April,  Lucy had surgery and three birthday parties, but I know we caught a movie or two uninterrupted....so though we did not make it out of the house, we spent couple nights together, no laundry, no computer, with a movie and takeout

May: We were so excited for this date night. It was the night before Mother's Day and we were going to have a fancy dinner at a grown up restaurant and then go to the movies! Not a matinee but a night time movie! Rosie was coming to hang out with Lucy - I even made them brownies for their dessert.
But then, I get a phone call at 10:30am...my Dad tried to cut his arm with a chainsaw so I headed to Maine and date night was cancelled.

But a week later, we made up for it and had our night out - dinner and the movie Thor (Sean wanted to see Bridesmaids but I talked him into Thor)

June: We skipped June.....Gareth had been over and we had spent quite a bit of time and money entertaining him so we sort of skipped this month.....unless you count the day we spent with Gareth in Newburyport and then dinner the next night at Turners (the 3 of us) . But again, I know there was also a nighht we caught a movie together on the couch.

July: This is probably Sean's favorite date night so far. His beloved football (soccer) team, Manchester United, was in the States on Tour and played a match against the New England Revolutions at Gillette Stadium. Lori and Kevin took Lucy for us and we went to Gillette for the game.
Neither of us had ever been to Gillette which is just an amazing stadium (though I hate the whole Patriot Place Shopping Mall that surrounds it...but that is another blog) and Sean had only seen Man United play a couple times (in person) so this was a real treat for him....he was like a kid on Christmas morning. Even made me take his picture with the field in the background and then he immediately posted it on Facebook

Resolution #2: Go to Tulsa to visit  brother and family
We're headed to Tulsa Columbus Day Weekend!

Resolution #3: Keep in better touch with siblings
I was calling and leaving messages but no one ever called me back...then I realized we may not be the kind of family that likes to hang out with one another....or maybe it's just not fun to hang out with me...

One of my sisters made a comment about how just because people are sisters/brothers and live close by they don't always need to be in each other's faces...that's what holidays are for....ouch

But then when I see my friends and realize how much time they spend with their families, and...well...I get jealous....I wish I could spend time like that with  my sisters, brother and parents. Fortunately, we have friends that include us in on their family functions/parties so I do get that feeling of "being with family" but still, would be nice to spend a bit more time with my own...and I'm not saying I'm not to blame here...I have sort of giving up on calling....maybe I should try again

Resolutions #4 and #5: Patience, count to 10 before reacting
This is really hard.....and the hardest one to be patient with is myself...followed closely by Lucy!

Want to feel like a failure of a parent? Lose your patience with your 2 year old.....breaks your heart when she starts to cry because you've snapped at her or scolded her a bit prematurely.....

So I'm trying, I'm trying to remember to take a deep breath, exhale, and count to ten.....but for the times I forget, I'm sorry

Maria, the Mum

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