Monday, July 25, 2011

The Catwalk, The Punchline,

The Catwalk
When you pull certain shirts out of Lucy's drawer, she has an editorial comment to go along with them:

Red Sox T Shirt: Goooooo Red Sox!
Pink Oklahoma T Shirt: Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping 'cross the PLAINS!
Beatles T Shirt: Hello Goodbye! Hello Hello!!! Goodbye Goodbye!!!!
Gray Oklahoma T Shirt: 'Homa 'Homa!
Puppy Dog Shirt: Hi Yo Puppy Dog! I love you!
Whale Shirt: I have no idea how to type what a whale says or sound like but Lucy makes a whale noise...then informs us she is talking to the whale like Dory did in Nemo
Turtle Shirt: Duuudddeee

The Punchline
I wish I could write these with the tone and inflection of Lucy's voice but I have not yet figured out how to do that.....

After she took all the clothes out of the second drawer of her dresser, said with a grin on her face:
Lucy you are a little monster!
No I not Mama, I a imp!

Said this morning when she awoke with drama and a bit of woe is me in her voice:
Mama! My tummy hurts!
Why Lucy, what's wrong?
It hungry!

Said after a meal or two during which she had honey or syrup, and apparently one time glue:
Lucy! Please take your feet off the table!
I can't Mama, they're stuck in honey/syrup/glue(?)

Said in her best let's make a deal voice:
What would you like for dinner Lucy?
Uhh, cupcakes!!
No Lucy
OK, how about just ice cream?

After watching the dog's at Pet Smart get groomed and delivered with an incredulous tone:
Mama, how come they no get a lollipop and slinky like Lucy haircut?
Oh, well, puppies don't like lollipops Lucy...
Can't they even get a bone?!?

After I came to a quick stop the other day in a line of traffic:
Whoa Mama! Pay attention!

After the dinner I made her the other night and said with a shrug of her shoulders:
Was it good Lucy?
Ahh, it was OK...

On the way home from day care the other day as she let out a big sigh:
Tough day at the office Lucy?
Yeah 'bout you?

After arguing with me about getting out of the tub the other night, said with defiance and finality:
Lucy come on honey, you cant sleep in the tub all night, the water will be cold!
Yes I can Mama, Nemo sleeps in water and he fine!

Said yesterday afternoon after we were both exasperated and annoyed with one another:
Lucy, I can't take it anymore, you are making Mama crazy!
You making me crazy too Mama!

Said with in an exasperated and please stop bugging me tone:
I love you Lucy...
I know Mama, I know!

Maria, the Mum

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