Thursday, July 7, 2011

How You Doin', Singing Bus, Sugar Bugs, Dress Up, 2 Dads, Crib Out, My Noggin

Hey Daddy, how's....
Remember how I told you about Lucy figuring out the whole boys have a penis girls have a vagina thing (Vagina Monologues)? Well, a couple weeks ago, I forget what we were doing...maybe having a meal, getting ready for work, or playing, Lucy looks at her Dad and says

Daddy, how's your penis?

The Ice Cream Truck
We were outside one night playing when the ice cream truck pulled into our circle playing its ice cream truck song and attracting the attention of the neighborhood kids.

What's that Mama?

Not missing a beat, and not wanting  to set a precedent of getting ice cream from the truck that drives through the neighborhood EVERY night, I say

That's a singing truck Lucy! Pretty cool huh?

Sean and Kristen seemed momentarily impressed with my quick thinking....but Lucy looked at me quizzically, then at the truck then back at me...then at the truck. She slowly turned to me....

No it's not Mama

My shoulders sagged as I thought I had been figured out (at this point, the other kids were at the window of the singing truck getting handed ice cream and Popsicles)

Mama, that's not a singing truck, that's a singing bus!

Oh, my mistake Lucy! You're right, it is a bus, not a truck...a singing bus, that was what I meant to say!

Silly Mummy she says and goes back to playing

Now, when we hear the ice cream truck, she shouts out
It's the singing bus! and we rush to see it go by and simply stand and enjoy whatever song the bus happens to be singing

Sugar Bugs 
Lucy was touted as being the best toothbrusher at school...a skill she is not so quick to share at home. However, the recent discovery of "sugar bugs" on her teeth has turned her into a right old soldier.

We cajole her into actually brushing her teeth (not just sucking the toothpaste off the bristles and chewing on the head of the brush) by telling her we see sugar bugs crawling around and dare her to try and catch them!
So she attacks the sugar bugs with great enthusiasm pulling her toothbrush out of her mouth every minute or so and shouting 

I caught one I caught one! as she holds her brush up for us to see. 

Look at the size of that one! we'll exclaim as we all stare at the sugar bug on her toothbrush and congratulate her for such a catch.

We'll let her brush her teeth for a few minutes than I'll ask if I can try to catch a sugar bug....

OK Mama as she hands me her sword (toothbrush) and opens wide....and then giggles and drools as I make a big deal about chasing the lone sugar bug that keeps jumping from the front teeth to the back, from the left to the right from behind her teeth to the front of her teeth....and when I finally catch him and proudly show her my fugitive, she looks at me and says

Good catch Mummy!

Kevin got Lucy in a Dress
A few blogs back (I'm not wearing that ), I shared with you that Lucy hates dresses.
Hates them so much she will not even wear a nightgown (though she will wear just a T Shirt to bed)

Kevin, Lori and Caitlin came down one Sunday after attending a graduation party. Caitlin walked in wearing the prettiest little dress I have ever seen – complete with a bow on the back and a petticoat of tulle underneath. At some point, Cait was changed out of the dress so the girls could play…..somehow, conversation shifted to getting Lucy in a dress (probably because I commented on how cute Caitlin looked and how I wished that now and then, I could get Lucy in such a dress)

Kevin pipes up and say, bet I can get her to put the dress on.

Lori, Sean and I laughed – hard.

Kevin says, I bet I can, seriously, can’t be that hard.

I stop laughing long enough to accept his challenge ($20 bet) and gave him a few guidelines (no screaming, crying, whining or fussing from Lucy, and she had to put the dress on willingly not forced over her head) We even had a time limit which was, I think, 20 minutes

Kevin, who is always calm, mellow, reassuring and kind in his ways, says in his quiet confident voice, I can do it

The girls were playing in the living room and Kevin settled on the edge of the rug watching them with the dress in his hand.

Lucy he says, come here a second.

Lucy, who adores Kevin, Lori and Caiti, stands in front of Kevin.

Can you do me a favor Lucy?
Yeah! Lucy says while rocking back and forth
Can you put this on for me?

Next thing we know, Lucy has her arms raised above her head and is letting Kevin slip the dress down over her head! We stopped laughing

You look beautiful Kevin says to Lucy

She turns on her heel, wearing said dress, and throws herself on the floor giggling and continues playing with Cait…

It took Kevin 3 minutes to get her in the dress….and I still owe him $20.

My Two Dads
Right now, Lucy’s favorite book is a children’ Bible Aunt Marie and Uncle Bill gave her for Easter
We read the WHOLE thing EVERY night.

Last night, as we were reading about Moses and the burning bush, which comes right after the story about Moses being put in the basket, Lucy asks

Mummy, God is Baby Jesus’ Daddy?

Yep, he is Lucy, that’s right

Oh……..She says and thinks for a second

God is Baby Moses’ Daddy too?

Well yes, in a sense he is Lucy. God is everybody’s Daddy

Her eyes grew wide at this
What about Daddy? Is he still MY Daddy?

Well of course Daddy is your Daddy…I was not sure where to go from here but Lucy finished up for me

Oh, so I have 2 Daddies….how many Mummies do I have?

Out damn crib, out!
Back in May, before Uncle Gareth came to visit, I wrote that Lucy started sleeping in her big girl bed
Two weeks after she started sleeping in her bed, I was downstairs getting some laundry when I heard some banging around up in Lucy’s room

Lucy! I yelled up the stairs.

Hi Mama!

Are you OK?

Yeah Mama

What are you doing?

No answer…

Lucy? I dash up the stairs…...

I turn the corner to see Lucy’s crib partially blocking the door and Lucy on the other side grunting as she tries to push it out the door!

What are you doing?

I no need crib anymore Mama! I have my big girl bed! Lucy has a big girl bed! Not a baby bed!

We broke down the crib that night, threw it in the basement and have not looked back….next she’ll probably ask for a car…..

Hit my noggin
We’re walking down the stairs to breakfast Tuesday morning, I was in front of Lucy
I hear this thud and turn to see Lucy rubbing the side of her head and muttering to herself

You okay honey?

Yeah Mama, I just bumped my silly noggin on the wall……..

Lucy’s breakfast on my shirt
Got to work yesterday morning and looked down to discover I was wearing part of Lucy’s breakfast on my shirt…..I look good in chocolate chip pumpkin bread……

Maria, the Mum  

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