Thursday, July 28, 2011

Uncle G, Dr Doolittle, Blurg Blog

Uncle G
Uncle Gareth has been gone for almost two months now but Lucy still refers to the spare room as Uncle Gareth's room...and every once in awhile, she'll ask where he is...

Welcome Home!
When Lucy and I get home from work/school, we typically hang around outside until Daddy gets home (unless I know he's working late)
When Sean arrives home, Lucy will stop dead in her tracks as soon as she sees his car and then take off running while shrieking, grinning, laughing and yelling out

My Daddy! Daddy home! My Daddy! DAAAADDDDYYYY!!!!!!

She runs across the circle towards her Dad....her hair sways/bounces from side to side in the back and she  waves her arms wildly to get his attention......and she always gets it...

Sean will hop out of his car and runs towards her yelling her name with his arms open....

Lucy jumps up into his arms and buries her face in his neck....I can hear them giggling and Sean saying he missed her and Lucy claps her hands on both of his cheeks.....this is my favorite part of the whole day....

Dr. Doolittle
Lucy has more stuffed animals than you can imagine....and I am so not complaining - I love them as much as she loves them....

They all have names.....

If they're a character, Tigger, Eeyore, Bambi, Curious George, Elmo, they are addressed as such

Or, they are named after whomever gave it to her or a place...
The kitty she got from Uncle Alan and Auntie Margaret Walton is called Walton
The puppy dog my Mum have her is Noni Puppy
The monkey my mother in law gave her is called Tesco after the store where he was purchased
The elephant from my sister and her husband is Burt (their last name)
The horse from my boss is Chester (the town he lives in)

Some she makes up on her own:
The recent dog she made at Build a Bear is Bear
Her other dog from Build a Bear is Puppy Jack - not Jack, Puppy Jack
Her moose is Mickey Moose

And some of course Sean and I name (and by Sean and I, I mean me)
Patch, the dog we made her for her First Valentine's Day
Scraps, the dog we made for her before she was even born

She knows all their names and calls them by said names....and as soon as she get s anew one, her first question is

What his name? What he called?

And we'll spend some time coming up with a name...sometimes it takes us a few tries...I'll throw out a name and she'll look at the animal, look at me, say the name, look at the animal, say the name and then say

Yeah Mama! and repeat the name a couple times just to make sure it fits

Or she'll say,

No Mama! That not his name......

And we'll keep trying till we find the right one

Not any one animal is her favorite though she will go through a stretch where one is her favorite (last week it was bear, this week it's Walton). We never leave the house without three animals and she sleeps with no less than 6....
She  insists that the animals sit at the table with her and that we give them kisses good night. I've even put food in a bowl for the animals and left it on the table for them...

Lucy loves her animals.....I'm glad she has that much love to give....

Blurg Blogs
For the past few days, I’ve been completely obsessed about blogging…. not posting (though I have posted quite a few this week but that was mostly because I had writers block and it finally broke) but with other blogs that are out there…specifically the big blogs that appear to have hundreds of follower, thousands of fans on Facebook and get millions of hits….how the fuck did they do it? Probably not  by swearing….
Here’s what I discovered about such blogs:
They're parents and write about the struggles and joys of parenting
They've got religion - some of them more than their fair share
The women seem to have perfect husbands and the men have perfect wives
If they are single, they have the perfect apartment, take cool vacations, and have some incredible artistic talent, usually photography
More blogs appear to be by women then men
Most of those women are stay at home Moms and/or have some super-secret-cool-work-from-home-free-lance job
They spend part of their blog telling you how to blog
Most of them fancy them selves writers and declare it at least twice a week
The blog is a "hobby" but some of them are pretty damn serious about this hobby - professional photos for the profile picture, badges, professionally designed sites, agents, passwords....
These people are far more witty, engaging and eloquent than I am...and they are far more photogenic than I could ever dream of being....I hate them all...okay, maybe I don't hate them...I might just have blog envy...

Maria, the Mum

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