Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Tuesday!

I woke up late this morning…well, actually, I woke up early because some who shall not be named (Lucy Ellen Sykes) was kicking me. She was kicking me because at 2:30am, she called out. It was that shrill something is wrong cry. When I got to her, she informed me she had a bad dream about spiders.

There was no getting her back in her bed so I brought her in our room. She snuggled against me and, I thought, was drifting off to sleep when she says to me

Mama, I wanna watch something
Lucy, it is 3 in the morning, we are not watching anything. Go to sleep honey
OK Mama
And she snuggled closer

That’s my Daddy she says to me while patting Sean’s head
Yes it is honey. Daddy’s sleeping so how about Mummy and Lucy go to sleep too?
OK Mama.
She snuggled closer…then started tossing and turning and wiggling and shifting

She’d lie on top of me, then on top of Sean. She snuggled against me then she’d flip over and snuggle against Sean

Then she started kicking…at one point, I was on my side literally at the edge of the bed and I’m pretty sure Sean was as well.

She finally drifted off to sleep but by then, my alarm was going off to wake me up for my walk.
4:45…though my clock says 5:15, it’s a half hour fast and so is my alarm…please, don’t ask, somehow it all works for me and makes sense in my head.

I roll out of bed, and not wanting to wake Sir Snores-a-Lot and Lady Kick-a-Poo, grab my gym clothes from the foot of the bed and make my way downstairs to change in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, I did not grab all my clothes; I have my T-shirt and sports bra, Sean’s workout shorts and my camisole top, and socks…..but no pants….

So socks and shirt on, I wander out to the kitchen, see it’s just barely 5am and decide to lie on the couch for a 20 minute cat nap before I go get my pants and then go out to meet Kristen at 5:30

42 minutes later, I wake up as I’m falling from the couch to the floor. I land with a thud, shake it off and then realize I’m on the couch (well, now the floor) not in bed, I’m wearing my t-shirt not my night gown, I have socks on and, I’m all tangled up in the blanket and my glasses are askew on my face

Shit. Kristen. Our walk.

I trip up the stairs, grab my pants, try to wiggle into them while going down the stairs and then yank open the door (hitting myself with it of course) and tug my sneakers on as I try to jog over to Kristen’s…..which is when I realized my pants were on inside out but it’s still dark, no one will notice

We got a 15 minute walk in and I’m not 100% sure I was awake for it

I walk in the house at 6:02, Sean is not up yet. I take a quick shower, then Sean goes in, Lucy is up and proceeds to have a mini temper tantrum…actually, that’s not fair to say. I think poor Lucy is just not a good morning person. Sometimes, she wakes up no problem…she's bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the world. Sometimes, she wakes up and has to be grumpy (read whiney and crying) for 20 minutes just to get her blood pumping. This morning, she’s grumpy. We work around it taking turns getting ready and trying to talk her off the ledge. We do just fine and within 25 minutes, Lucy is smiling, Sean is dressed and we’re headed down for breakfast.

I was not dressed because the clothes I ironed last night were still in the basement. Sean went down to fetch them for me and I got dressed in the living room……

I pulled my linen trousers with the tie waist and noticed they were a bit tight in the waist and across my bum....Come on?!?.....I'm getting fatter?!?!

Are you kidding me???

I've been walking very morning, 1/2 hour, brisk pace....going to the gym at least three times a week...we've been watching what we eat....Though Sunday, Kristen made an apple pie and had a couple pieces left over and knowing how much Sean loves apple pie, she brought it over for us. And I had a piece because he inhaled her last apple pie and said it was really good....I wanted to know what all the fuss was and frankly, I wanted something sweet.....it was really good......so now my pants are tight because I had one piece of apple pie?!?!

Come on!!!!

I've avoided the cupcakes, candy and cookies at work (work is always harder than home for me) I make our lunches everyday and our portions are getting smaller....So why are my ass and waist getting bigger???????

I comment that my pants feel tight and go to stick my hands in my pockets....what the what?!? Where are my pockets....wait, where is the tie.......what the....

My pants are on backwards...I put my pants on backwards

Thank God and Baby Jesus! I'm not getting chubbier; I just put my pants on backwards

Breakfast with Lucy and Sean (25/30 of my favorite minutes in the morning) Lunches out of the refrigerator, Lucy’s bag packed, coffee to go made. Sean takes the bags to the car, I get Lucy dressed, we have time to sing two Beatles songs and I am out the door on time!

I get in the car and can’t find my phone.

My phone and I don't always get along....it's forever running off on me and I am forever leaving it behind (read losing it) And watching me text is worse than having a tooth extracted...and if I’m on the phone and get a second call, forget about me trying to click over....and I am constantly hitting the speaker button and then can't figure out how to turn it off.

And using it to take pictures? Please, I keep getting this message about not enough memory but I don’t know where or how to get more

Sean has given up on me and phones; now, watching me look for/use my phone is nothing but sheer amusement for him.

But I need my phone, it’s the number day care calls if they need anything. And when I get in the car each morning, I always reach into my purse to make sure it’s there – sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. This morning it wasn’t.

I empty my purse on the passenger seat....no phone.

I empty the tote bag which holds my purse and the mail, books for Lucy, snacks for Lucy, magazines, bills that need to be paid, cards I need to send....you never know when you’re gonna have to jam....no phone.

I look in the glove box, the console between the seats, under the seats….no phone.

I dash into the house, check the basket where we put our keys, look on the kitchen table, the side board and the trunk by the front door....no phone.

Lucy and Sean are on the couch reading a book.

I can’t find my phone I announce
No kidding says Sean. Call it honey

I call it - I hear it ringing so it’s in the house but I can’t quite figure out where it’s coming from....

Somewhere in the living room...
Maybe in the recliner……no
The bookshelf……no
Sounds like it in Lucy's toy bin...I crouch down....my trainers are on the floor in front of Lucy’s toy bin where I dropped them when I got in from the gym last night. I push them out of the way, one tips over and the ringing gets louder…..

Oh, here it is! I found my phone I say all proud. It was in my shoe!

Of course, says Sean, makes perfect sense your phone is in your shoe.......

Sadly, it does.......

Maria the Mum

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