Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Open Letter to the Red Sox

Dear Theo, Tito and Captain Tek:

My daughter Lucy is two and a half years old and like her Dad and me, is a Red Sox fan.

Her Red Sox shirts are her favorite and when she sees someone in a red shirt, with or without the ever familiar B, she yells out Red Sox! and she raises her hands above her head and gives a little whoop and a cheer.

When we leave the house, she chooses to wear her Red Sox cap ……and not the fake girly pink ones, a proper blue hat with a red B, she would not have it any other way

When we ask her what she wants to watch, or when she's bored with Yo Gabba Gabba and Blue's Clues, she'll suggest we turn on the baseball game……she has no idea if you’re playing or not but she likes having the ball game on....I think maybe Jerry makes her laugh

When she sees a baseball or baseball being played, she yells Red Sox! It does not matter who is playing, you are baseball to her…..

Lucy is a fan....and though not your biggest or smallest fan, she is a fan and has some advice for you via her Mum.

She actually first uttered these words last week when, after watching the highlights, I turned the news off and muttered something about you not trying and Lucy pipes up, referencing a Winnie the Pooh book we read her called Try ,Try Again:

They should try hard like Pooh did when he was trying to write his name
Pooh kept trying and he did it Mama! He wrote his name!
Keep Trying Red Sox! You can do it!

O Captain my Captain, please get your idiots to try.
Call upon the luck of 2007, the Spirit of 2004…
Call upon the ghosts of 1918, conjure up the souls of 1916….
Beckon the fates of 1915, relive the memories of 1912, relish 1903…..

This morning, as Sean and I lamented last night’s loss, Tampa’s win and the looming end of the season, I asked Lucy

What do the Red Sox need to do Lucy?
Mama! They need to….Keep trying, keep trying don’t give up never give up! Just like on Gabba Gabba Mama! (for the record, she sang this…..)
Keep trying! Don’t give up Red Sox!

Do whatever you have to do…..
Sacrifice whatever you have to sacrifice....
See a shrink….or a witch doctor…… or a priest
Practice hitting….or fielding…or voodoo….or stealing and sliding...
Rub your bats with chicken bones...sprinkle Holy Water on the field....wear the same underwear you wore in Sunday night's game....

But please, above all, do as Lucy is asking…..

Please, just keep trying…don’t give up…you have two tries left….just try, try again….
Love Maria the Mum…and Lucy

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