Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morning Breath

Kristen and I have been getting up in the morning and walking.
We meet at 5:30, walk briskly for 1/2 hour and then go home.

This morning, I woke up at 5:24...I'd been doing pretty well springing out of bed at 5am, brushing my teeth (at least swishing with some mouth wash), throwing in a load of laundry (or taking a load out) ironing my clothes for the day (because I was too lazy to do it the night before) and packing my gym bag and Sean's for the day....but this morning, all I could do was throw on my gym clothes, grab a bottle of water and dash out the door...I was tired

We walk the Circle we live in (or is it the Circle we live on...) - we're closing in on two miles (Kristen walks super fast and my huffing and puffing has not slowed her down...which is good because its motivating me...killing me but motivating nonetheless)

Anyway,we're walking the circle, gossiping and as 6am approaches, I can hear Lucy from the bedroom yelling for me. We end our walk and I dash up the stairs to see she and Sean. Sean was getting in the shower and Lucy was still in wake up mode so I laid down on the bed beside her

Morning Baby!
Hi Mama
How did you sleep? I love you....

Lucy let out a sigh as she stretched her body and raised her arms above her head.....

Mama! You stinky!
I stink?
Yeah Mama! You breath is stinky! Get away!

I walked into the bathroom, threw the shower curtain open and demanded Sean smell my breath...

Lucy staid I stink! My breath! Does it?

I breathed right in his face.....he passed out

Sorry about my morning breath Kristen; next time, I'll be late for the sake of brushing my teeth.....

Maria the Mum

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