Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reason #37 I should be Mother of the Year

I like breakfast time at our house. The three of us start the day off with a meal together, some laughs and giggles, maybe an occasional meltdown, discussion of what we;ll do that day and that evening, sometimes we tease Lucy...or Lucy and Daddy tease me or Lucy and I tease Daddy....sometimes we have to rush because we're running late or I did not do what I was supposed to do the night before (at 11pm last night, I realized I forgot to make Lucy's lunch! But that is not reason 37...that's reason 38)
But mostly, breakfast time is just a good time of day for the three of us.....

We usually have cereal - sometimes we mix it up: Sean and Lucy will have waffles or I'll have hard boiled eggs or Lucy wants scrambled eggs......but usually, its cereal.

Lucy has taken to eating whatever cereals Sean and I are having - one week she'll want Daddy's cereal, the next week, she wants mine. The past few mornings, not only has she decided she wants my cereal but she wants to share it with me out of my bowl while on my lap....and yes, I indugle her and no, this is not an every day thing and no, I am not worried about any long term impact it will have on her because things like this don't screw up kids.

I discovered this fantastic cereal last week in Market Basket, Fiber One Honey Squares. It is super good...filling, sweet and only 80 calories. Lucy quite likes it too...we had it Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday....

Tuesday, when I picked Lucy up from Day Care, Jackie says to me
Rika wanted me to let you know that Lucy had a couple bad poops - one of them was pretty bad, like diarrhea bad. The second one was just a big poop..but she seems to feel fine and she had a great day.....but we did want to let you know just in case...

Now as Jackie is saying this, my mind starts reeling.....Sunday she had a couple really BIG industrial of which required me hosing her off in the tub...but she felt fine...and, she's been farting/tooting/passing gas like crazy for the past couple she getting sick? What's wrong with my...Holy shit....I interrupt my own thought process....

I blurt out:
It's my fault, its all my fault!

Jackie looks at me and say comfortingly, What? What's wrong? No, I'm sure it's not.....

It is! It's my fault Lucy is pooping so badly. Oh my God. It's my fault...I am so sorry....I've been letting her eat my Fiber One cereal!!!! She's pooping because I've been giving her Fiber One cereal at breakfast for FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that ladies and gentlemen is Reason #37 I should be Mother of the Year.......

Maria the Mum

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