Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Talk

Last night, as I was brushing Lucy's hair after her bath she asks

Yes Lucy?
Mama, look at me....
What honey?
She opened her eyes wide and very seriously asked....

Do I have kaleidoscope eyes?

Yesterday morning, Lucy was being a bit of a crank
Sean was trying to get Lucy in her room to get dressed and asked

Lucy, are you cranky today?

Lucy, without hesitating, with no expression deadpanned her reply

No Daddy, I just being a sourpuss

Saturday, Lucy had her first swim lesson at the Y. After her lesson, she and her Dad stayed in the pool for a bit swimming. 45 minutes later, they emerged wet, tired and with big grins on their faces

Mama! You see me swimming?
I did Lucy you did such a good job! I'm so proud of you!
Mama! Did anyone ask if I was a mermaid?!?

Not to be a buzz kill I said
They did Lucy! They saw you swimming and doing such a good job and I heard them say is that a mermaid over there?

Did you tell them I not a mermaid I a beluga?


Sean got rear ended a little over a week ago. The person that hit him did a great job of banging up the passenger side of his bumper: dents, cracks, scratches, broken tail light....thankfully, he was OK

Unfortunately, two days later, someone else hit his car....on the same side.....pretty much the same spot....poor car...poor Sean....

When Sean showed Lucy the damage, she stood solemnly behind the car shaking her head with a frown on her face and declared

Poor poor Daddy's car...he has a big boo boo!

The she'd sort of patted the back end of the car in a comforting way and sadly shake her head....until a smile crept across her face and she held up her finger in declaration of her eureka moment:

Don't worry Daddy, I get him a band aid for his boo boo...a BIIIGGG band aid

Maria the Mum

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