Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is this where you poop?

Kristen is our friend who lives across the circle from us
Jet is her dog
Lucy thinks Jet is her dog
Every day, EVERY DAY, we have to go see Kristen and Jet
We walk Jet
We feed him his dinner
We give him his treat
(and by we I of course mean Lucy)

Last night, Lucy and I went to the grocery store before we came home from work/school.
As soon as we pulled up to the house, she asked to go to Kristen's
I allowed her to make her way across the circle and watched as three minutes later, Lucy, with Jet and Kristen in tow, headed off for Jet's walk

I just picked up my cell phone and noticed a text message from Kristen, sent last night around 8:20pm:

Funny story...after Lucy gave Jet a bunch of his treats she wanted to was her hands. I pulled a folding chair into the bathroom in front of the sink. After I put her on the chair she looked at me and asked "is this where you poop?" Unbelievable!

Yep, that's my daughter......

Maria the Mum

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