Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where do Babies Come From?

Mama Kat’s Prompts for the week came out

Writing Prompts:
1.) Share your favorite part of your child’s bedroom.
2.) It happened at Disneyland…
3.) Incorporate the following line into a poem of your own: “Catching air with my fingers”
4.) Are you feeling brave? Ask your child where babies come from and share their answers.
5.) Write about the last time you laughed until it hurt…what happened?

I saw the prompts Tuesday night just before I was putting Lucy to bed. So I thought hmm…I wonder what Lucy will say when I ask her where babies come from? She knows at one point she was in my belly….she asks to hear stories all the time about when she was a baby and when she lived in my belly…..wonder what she’ll say….
Hey Lucy

Wait Mama! I listening to Timon and Pumbaa sing
Sorry……I waited like less than 15 seconds and tried again…..Lucy where do babies come from?

Mama! Hold on!

I can’t believe my 3 year old just told me to back off….course she was right…I did sort of bust into her room and started demanding answers…..but then again, its good practice for her teenage years….music fades, I try again
Lucy, where do babies come from?

I don’t know Mama…..sort of shrugs and raises her eyebrows
Well where do you think you came from? How did you get here to Mummy and Daddy?

I don’t know Mama……getting slightly annoyed with my mere presence
So you have no idea where babies come from?
I have no idea why I was pushing her….

Mama! I don’t know!! I just woke up one day in my crib when I was a baby and you and Daddy were there!!!!
Maria the Mum

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