Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Party Planner

Lucy has been planning her birthday party since January 30th....I'm not even kidding. Every day, she asks if it's time for her party....

Can we have my party tomorrow Mummy?
Honey, your birthday is not for another few weeks....
OK but now can we have my party?
But its not your birthday yet....
OK so we can have one party now and then a party on my birthday!

And its not even like she wants a party for the gifts....she wants a party because it means her friends get to come to her house....and there will be cupcakes

Last night, Sean had to work late so Lucy and I were having dinner together (and by that, I mean she was picking up her plate and licking it while I was sorting mail, doing dishes and making lunches)

I sat down to take a break as she ate her pudding (as a side note, this kid LOVES I taught her to to say puddddiiiinnn' just like Bill Cosby.....head toss, pursed lips and all......hy-ster-i-cal!)

Lucy, let's talk about your party
I love pudddiiinnn' Mummy!
I know you do honey, I do too but I have to ask.....

I'm interrupted with

Want some Mummy? and as she flicks her spoon in my direction splattering pudding on my glasses, cheek and in my hair
No thanks I wipe pudding off my face and take off my glasses.....I wanted to ask you about your birthday party....

Mummy! tee-hee-hee-giggle-giggle-giggle- You have puddin' in your hair!

It took me ten minutes but I finally got her to focus
I pulled out some paper and a pen and told her to tell me everything she wanted and everyone she wanted at her party and I Would write it all down

Mummy, here's who I want at my party.....

and she launched into the following without missing a beat, without stopping....I'm not even sure she took a breath......and in this order as I wrote it all down

I want Lucy
and Mummy
and Daddy
and Caiti
and Lori
Miss Rika
Miss Rosie
Miss Ali
Miss Jackie
Miss Lynn
Miss Stacey
Miss Andrea
Miss Barbara
Miss Georgette
Me! Lucy!
Logie (Logan)
Rye-guy (Ryan)
Jet (yes, Kristen's dog)
Pat and Thomas (Pat's boyfriend is Tom, Lucy insists on calling him Thomas)
Tramp (yes, as in Lady and the Tramp,m her stuffed animals)
Percy (stuffed penguin)
and Lucy and Mummy and Daddy!

That's all Mama.....

Oh, OK, well, if that's all then....and you want an animal party?
Yeah Mama....animals! All animals! Sea animals, farm animals, jungle animals...
Well Lucy, that is a lot of animals going you want to do like a zoo or a circus...? Or do you want a farm?

She cocked her head to the left, tilted her eyes upward, pursed her lips and pulled her mouth into that hmm, I'm thinking  expression......

A zoo! she finally declared sticking her little finger in the air and grinning

So I wrote down zoo....

OK great! So we'll do all zoo animals...
Yeah Mama! and then she launched into her list of zoo animals

Melman (Giraffes, as in Melman the giraffe from the movie Madagascar)
Marty (Zebras, as in Marty the zebra from the movie Madagascar)
Sea Lions

Uhh Lucy? A train is not an animal.......
But I like trains Mama! Can the animals be in a train? NO! I just want a train.....can I have a train?

But before I could answer, the list continued

Polar Bear
Puffins.....I just don't want a turkey Mama! I no like turkeys

Right, okay, no turkeys....well Lucy! This is quite a list!

And I want food Mama....
OK, food, what kind of food?
I want Pizza, bread and Ms (Ms being M&Ms)...on the train!

OK, so let me get this straight, you want all these people (and I read the list back) and you want all these animals (and I read the list back) and you want pizza and bread and Ms?

Yeah Mama!!!! I love my party!

So where do you want the train?
At my party! will the animals be on the in the circus in Dumbo?
No silly Mama! The food will be on the train!

Ok so you want all these people to come to your zoo and eat pizza, bread and Ms on a train....
Now can we have my party Mama?

I can't even answer as I am a bit overwhemed and trying to figure out how to explain to her that we need to pare this down...

Mummy! Can you write a poem song like Pooh?
Like the poem songs Pooh sings when he goes to see Piglet and Christopher Robin....can you write a poem song for my birthday?
Sure I can Lucy...we'll put it on your invitation
Now Mama?
What? Write the poem now?
She giggles, claps her hands, nods and says Now Mama!

So I wrote her a poem...

Welcome to the Zoo
It's all for who?
For Lucy?
For Goosey?
No for Lucy!
She's turning 3
Golly Gee!

Good start Mama....can you work on it?

Yeah Lucy, I'll work on it...Come on I tell her, it's time to head up to the tub.....

As she and I were walking up the stairs, I had visions in my head of future birthday parties (one involved a rocket ship and another a full blown carnival/fair in the backyard), graduation parties and a fleeting image of her wedding (she was being pulled to shore by dolphins) when I was interrupted...

Mummy! I forgot............!
Forgot what honey?
I also want dinosaurs at my party..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria the Mum


  1. It's not like she's a spoilt little princess or anything…

  2. Oh WORD!! That is quite a party! Are you renting a hall or a zoo.


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