Friday, December 15, 2017

Let's Play the Family Feud

Inspired by a Facebook meme

October 5, 2017

Because we all need a laugh....and because I'm not going to lie, I am borderline cranky and the best thing I can do for Sean right now is find something to occupy myself
Let’s play family feud! You CANNOT use my answers. Your answers must be different.
Alright, lets see who’s going to follow directions.
1.Something you use in the shower?
Practical answer would be soap, I personally use the awesome acoustics of the shower to project my singing voice
2.Something people hate to find on their car?
One time I found a container in my car that was full of oranges...why would one hate that you ask?
Because when I popped the lid, I dry heaved which caused me to dramatically toss the container to the side which meant the rotten oranges, and the juice, spilled all over the passenger seat of my car
Took me days to get that smell out of my car
But that is not what I would hate to find in my car
I would truly hate to find someone in the backseat of my car...someone who should not be there....
3.Something a man might buy before a date?
Most of us would say condoms, possibly flowers.
One time, I went out with this guy who told me he was late meeting me because he had to stop and pick up anti fungal cream...for his Mom.
I should have been touched he takes such good care of his mom...but turned out she was with him
4.Something you cook in the microwave?
A potato
But if you have a bar of ivory soap, toss that in there for a couple minutes, super cool results
5. A reason a younger man might like an older woman?
One of my former co-workers son's had a crush on me
My co-worker told me it was because his son liked talking to and being challenged by me
I did not have the heart to tell him I was buying his kid beer
6. An item found in an old man's wallet?
I feel like if I went in my Dad's wallet, not that he's an old man or anything and not that I would ever go through his wallet, but I feel like if I did, I'd potentially find a post it note stuck to his debit card with his pin number on it....
Or a post it note with his home address
(just kidding Dad - I love you man!)
7. Something a dog does that embarrasses the owners?
Uncle Michael had this dog Pepper that used to hump everything and everyone - it was the worst
But my neighbor has a dog who, I shit you not, pees whilst standing on his front legs and walking
Things is, if you happen to be walking by, or sitting where he happens to walk by, chances are, you're going to get peed on
8. A kind of test you cannot study for?
Pamela Muise Griffin already took the awesome answer of pregnancy test so I can't use in that same vein, I say blood test (see what I did there!?!)
9. A phrase with heart in it?
First thing that popped into my head was Quarterflash and their rock ballad Harden my Heart
Remember that one?
I'm gonna harden my heart, I'm gonna swallow my tears, I'm gonna turn and leave you here...
Go ahead, google it because no one really remembers Quarterflash.....
So I'll just say Heart of Gold, final answer
10. Sport where you might lose a tooth?
Hockey is uber obvious and Pam said skiiing because I'm guessing the person before her said hockey so I'll say street fighting because I'm pretty confident that is a sport now
Also, I somehow feel bad ass talking smack about street fighting...not that I'm really talking about it let alone talking smack about it but the fact that I would throw down street fighting at all is entertaining to me
I mean I quoted Quarterflash from memory for goodness street fighting something you really think I'd know about?!?
11. Something a teacher can do to ruin your day?
Pop quiz hot shot....pop quizzes always ruined my day
Also, I always hated it when the teacher moved our seats around...
Mostly because I always chose the seat closest to the teacher's desk because, and I know this will shock you, I was a teacher's pet...mostly because the other kids did not really like me.....I was a bit of an over achiever
But my teachers liked me....or they may have just felt badly for me
12. A fruit that isn't round? narrative on this one, just banana
13. A bird you wouldn't want to eat?
Toucan Sam....that would totally ruin Fruit Loops for me
14. Something that gets smaller the more you use it?
I was stumped on this one because Pam answered soap and that's all I could think of
So I asked Sean who is sitting across the table from me - he said soap
If I were a deer, I could say salt lick
And if I were a horse I could say a bale of hay
But then again, I suppose I could be a hunter and say salt lick or a farmer and say bale of hay
Also, I just realized a roll of tape gets smaller as you use it
And so does my bank account every time I use my debit card
15. Name 3 people that might participate?
Donna Vitiello DovidioTeresa Demaso Scott and maybe De Keimach
Don't share, copy and paste and change the answers. Have fun!

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