Friday, December 15, 2017

Yankees Fans

November 21, 2017

Lucy is painfully shy at times
Forcing her to kiss/hug someone or into a conversation she has not initiated is pure torture for her
I don't make her do either
I firmly believe her body, her rules, her voice, her choice
So don't be offended
Sometimes, when she does try to initiate or engage in conversation, she overcompensates and it comes off as her begin disrespectful or fresh
She's not trying to be fresh or sassy
Instead, that's social anxiety and nerves manifesting itself in the only way it knows how
Her Dad and I suffer from that same affliction - you should see the two of us at a party
But she's trying
And sometimes, she amazes, astounds and surprises me
Like when she engages a clerk in a store about what we are buying and why
Or when she sees a PTO Mum and throws her arms around her for a hug
Then there was the time an older woman said to Lucy
My goodness! You look just like your Mum!
And Lucy replied, without hesitation and a straight face,
Huh, that's weird, I'm adopted
And then a couple weeks ago, Luce and I were at LL Bean in Freeport
An employee was assisting us in picking up an on line order I had placed
As we walked through the store to the customer service desk, we passed the Trout Pond in the middle of the store
Lucy informed the employee she felt badly for the trout living in the pond
The woman (her name escapes me but she was super efficient and friendly) assured Lucy the trout were well taken care of
As a matter of fact, she explained, the trout are raised here on site in the smaller display tank just across from customer service and then moved to the big pond
And no one fishes in the pond - so they live a full life!
Sure, says Lucy, but I'm worried about the coins people throw in there even though there are signs everywhere which clearly say DO NOT THROW COINS IN THE POND!
I mean what if the fish gets hit by one? Especially if its a New Yorker throwing one down from the top of the stair case because you know someone from New York would do that!!!!
And what about the coins on the bottom on the pond, what if the fish accidentally eat them?!
Lucy listed at least three other concerns she had for the fish including food, sun and water temperature
The woman graciously answered all Lucy's question and assured Lucy the fish were well taken care of
Then she asked Lucy why she thought it would be New Yorkers throwing coins from the top
Lucy looked her square in the eye and with a shrug of her shoulders, a twist of her mouth and a tone of defeat and disbelief replied
Because they are Yankees fans, it's just what they do....

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