Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the Car, Out of the Car, in the Car, Out of the Car

You know what my Mum does when we have a lot to do or a lot going on?

She makes lists.....

It starts as a list of things we need to do
Then it turns into a list of the places we need to go
Within that list is a list of the things we need to get at the places
Finally, there's a list that shows the order we're doing things in....
Here's the thing:


Mummy either loses the list (usually in her bag) or we don’t follow the list for whatever reason

All I know is that when there’s a list, it means Daddy is going to do a whole bunch of driving and muttering and I'll be getting in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car.

On Friday, at breakfast, my Mum announces we have a lot to do over the weekend and she’s making a list. Daddy rolled his eyes and started concentrating on the TV and I pretended to be occupied with my Cheerios - but Mummy kept going.

Ok, we have to drop off Lucy's Passport Application; I need to go to Lady Grace to buy a bra
(Lucy note: Bra shopping with your Mum is like the most embarrassing thing ever. As soon as Mummy said that, I planned to have a temper tantrum as soon as we pulled into the parking lot so Daddy and I could stay in the car) Then I need to pick up shoes, we have to go to Target and return a couple things, I need to go to the Bank and we also need some stuff at Target and then we're supposed ….

And Mummy just kept going….the whole time making her list…

When we got home from Puddle Duck that night, Mummy flew around the house getting stuff done and gathering everything we would need for our Expotition (you know what an Expotition is right? It’s like what Christopher Robin, Pooh et al went on when they were in search of the North Pole…which Pooh found)

Then, Mummy and Daddy made me sit against the wall while they took my picture for my passport…..I look like a criminal…..it’s a terrible picture and just does not do me justice.

Saturday morning, Mummy had us out the door at 8:45am

We hit the post office and got right in to do my passport application
Then we went to the bank
We got to the bra store early
Mummy loves it when we’re ahead of schedule
We sat in the parking lot waiting for teh store to open…but then I thought I don’t want to go bra shopping, I’m in too good a mood for a temper tantrum…so I just fell asleep

Next thing I know, I wake up and we’re in Danvers!

Danvers was never on the list!

The North Shore mall was not on the list!!!!


So now we’re out of the car (Apple Store, Hallmark store, looking for shoes)

Then back in the car

And we drive (headed to another shoe store)

And then we get out of the car (no shoes here)

And then back in the car

And then we’re driving to Natick (also not on the list)

Out of the car (the old guy in the shoe store said I was really cute and well behaved….all while I was pulling the little nylon socks out of the box and strewing them about…)

And then back in the car….that was when I started to get a bit…fussy…

So my quick thinking Mummy spies a Pet Co (Its where the Pets Go) and says to Daddy pull over, let’s go in there for a bit and let poor Lucy run around…

Yah for Mummy! I love Pet Co! They have puppy dogs and kitties running around. And snakes and turtles and fish and rats and ferrets…I love going in there! I still haven’t convinced Mummy and Daddy to get me anything but I think I’m breaking them down.

Finally, Mummy says let’s head home, we still haven’t gotten an oil change but let’s get Lucy home….we can do the oil change later or tomorrow

So in the car one more time and Daddy heads home….

Mummy is looking at the list and sees two more things we did not get to…..and starts a new list…..

Lucy, the Toddler

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