Thursday, July 22, 2010

Operation Say Mummy, Phase I

Lucy's new thing is no. She does not say no but if you ask her for something she has in her hand that you want or try to shoo her upstairs or get her into her chair when she does not want to go, she shakes her head no and walks away from you.

Lucy has a couple new words and sounds to add to the resume:

Mmmmooo (as in what a cow says)
Baaaaa (as in what a sheep says)

Please note that Mmmmooo starts with the M sound and Baaaaa ends with the A sound; put them together and you could have Ma

But no

Still no Mummy, Mama, Mom, Ma

A friend of ours said I should start telling people Elmo is what Lucy calls me....that  gave me an idea.

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to get Lucy an Elmo doll.....and tell her he's called Mummy!
This will surely get her to say Mummy...if she thinks the Elmo doll is actually Mummy, she'll say Mummy....

I get on Amazon ASAP and order the first Elmo doll I see.

Within 24 hours, Elmo is in my possession and Operation Say Mummy is underway.

I pick Lucy up from Puddle Duck trying to restrain myself from throwing the doll at her and yelling "Mummy! say Mummy!" I want to do this when I have her undivided attention and there are no distractions.
So I hide Elmo behind my back and when the time is right, I pull him out and shout "Mummy!"

Lucy's eyes got really big and this smile crept across her face until it was spread from ear to ear and she gasped in excitement and screeched.....ELMO!!!!!! She runs towards him with her arms outstretched and pulls him in for a big snuggle.

And she tosses her head back and forth and starts chanting Elmo Elmo Elmo!
Lucy then collapses in peals of laughter.

Lucy, I say (plead, beg), its Mummy, say Mummy

She cocks her head to the left, smiles, SHAKES HER HEAD NO and says


She turns on her heel and runs into the living room with Elmo giggling and chanting his name over and over again like a mantra....torturing me with each EL and Mo

Lucy and Elmo, still wrapped up in each other, drop to the floor laughing and giggling
She starts waving to her other animals saying  Hi, Elmo as if introducing them all to each other.

And with a tear in my eye and a hole in my heart, I retreat to the kitchen to start dinner

Ok, ok, there was no tear in my eye and no hole in my heart, I was just pissed my plan backfired
I thought it was fool proof....

New plan:
I'm giving her until August 15th
If she still does not say Mummy, we move onto Phase II of Operation Say Mummy.........Hooked on Phonics

Maria, the Mum

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