Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lucy's First Blog

I’ve been bugging my Mum for a couple days now about two things: one, letting me write a blog (she’s a blog hog) and two, she needs to change it from Lucy the Baby to Lucy the Toddler.

I’m not a Baby anymore! I’m a Toddler! At least that’s what they tell me at Puddle Duck. I’ve been visiting the Toddler Room and by the end of next week, I’m moving on! I’ll miss the infant room because Mary Beth (MB) and Donna are so much fun to play with every day but its time….I’m getting too big….I keep stepping on the babies laying on the floor, not on purpose, it’s just happens by accident…and they can’t even really play at anything. Frankly, babies bore me. When I try to play with them, they just drool on themselves and look at me funny. Liz and Brittany are in the Toddler Room and they are crazy fun! Plus, I’m still next door to the infant room so if I start to miss MB and Donna too much, I can just go next door and get a snuggle from them!

Ok so that’s the Toddler name change. Next, let’s talk about my weekend! It was the best weekend so far of my whole life. I mean I thought the trip to the zoo a couple weeks ago was the best but this was way better!

It all started on Friday night. We went for a walk down to Mr. Charlie’s – that’s a little ice cream stand down the street from our house. Daddy loves it there! So after my bath, Mummy put my PJs on and we took a walk down to Mr. Charlie’s. I love going ‘cause I get to have two ice creams! One from my Mum and one from my Dad…but don’t tell my Mum, I usually like my Dad’s better. Our favorite is Strawberry Cheesecake. But I always try my Mum’s so I don’t hurt her feelings! The ice cream was so good and filled up my tummy that I fell asleep on our walk home.

On Saturday morning, we went to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA. It was the best time ever! I’m not even kidding you! It’s this big old farm with all kinds of animals – and not just your plain old farm animals (ducks, cows, horses and pigs) they had chinchillas, llamas, Highland cattle, weird looking donkeys (my Dad says it’s ok to call them Asses but Mummy says just call them donkeys so no one thinks they’re letting me swear….I don’t even know what a swear is but if Mummy says donkey is better, we should call them donkeys). They had emus, deer, did I say llamas? All kinds of different goats and sheep, black and white cows, brown cows, plain old chickens, chickens with funny feathers on their head, rats, snakes, frogs, horses, pigs, hogs, kitties…………they had everything!

I got to pet a rat, touch a snake, snuggle with Teddy (the Highland Cattle Cow), pet a black and white cow, touch a bull’s nose, and, this is the best part: I chased sheep and goats all over the place! Chickens too! Yeah! They just let the goats, sheep and chickens run around free! And if they weren’t running around, you could go in their pen and pet them! So I did!

One time, I got tired so I got in my stroller. My Mum and I were standing in front of the goat pen and they started nibbling my toes! And then they tried to eat my stroller! I think they were trying to get some of my snack….Daddy said they were trying to pull me out to go live with them….then Mummy said something about a dingo…they’re weird.

Then we had lunch….good timing because it was kind of hot and we all needed a break. After lunch, I changed into my bathing suit because…..THEY HAD A WATER PARK JUST FOR KIDS!!!! It was so much fun! First we started out in the little tiny water park – they just had a couple little things squirting water….which was good because it was the first time I ever played in water like that. After awhile, we got bored so Daddy said we should try the big park…..oh my word! It was so much fun!!!!! At first, I was a little scared (don’t tell my Mum and Dad) but they seemed to be having fun, and all the other kids were having fun so I just started to have fun too. We ran through the car wash, the big rings and there was water coming at us from every direction! We got soaking wet! And I had so much fun! I didn’t want to leave but I was so tired….plus my teeth were chattering and my lips turned blue!

I think I was asleep before we even got in the car! I slept all the way home! My Mum and Dad had a good time too; they could not stop talking about it. You should totally go if you ever get the chance, we’re going back soon….Mum and Dad promised. Here is their website, seriously you should go:

But wait, the day is not over!

I got this really cool pool for my birthday from Mr. and Mrs. Brier, it looks like this:

Tell me that’s not the coolest pool ever?! Anyway, we begged Daddy to blow it up…and while he did that, Mummy and I played in the garden…it was so hot….Daddy finally got the pool blown up, filled it, and then all three of us climbed it! Our neighbors thought we were crazy! But we didn’t care….we were ice and cool and had even more fun playing in there. Saturday was the best day ever. I was so tired I fell asleep pretty early.

Sunday was sort of a quiet day. We went to Target to get me some water shoes for day care (because we have Wet Wednesdays…well, they call it Sprinkler Wednesdays but I think Wet Wednesday sounds way better) and then we went home and just played out in the yard. It was really hot again so we got back in the pool. Daddy washed the cars and we just sort of hung out. I’m still too small for fireworks (plus that is way past my bedtime and I get pretty cranky if I can’t get to sleep on time) so we had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, and I went right to bed because again, I was tired! Mummy and Daddy wear me out!

Monday we went to Cousin Maria and Steve’s house….and I went in the big pool! Yep! I went in the big pool and I loved it! I can’t even believe how much fun floating around is. The best part was when Daddy would go under water and then he would pop up in front of me and Mummy… was so funny watching him come up out of the water! Made me screech and laugh every time he did it. I had so much fun…again, I did not want to get out but I was getting cold and not only were my lips blue but so were my feet! So when I got out, Cousins Laura and Adam played with me – Mum says they’re going to baby sit for me some time and I can’t wait because they are really fun. Adam says I can call him Uncle Adam…I think he just likes the way it sounds…so do I so that’s what I’ll call him. He’s really funny and makes me laugh. And Cousin Laura was so nice – she looked at my books with me and took me for a walk around the pool. Mummy said I can call her Auntie Laura, I love having so many Aunties!

Sadly, we had to go after we had dinner because it was getting late and I still had to have a bath. But I fell asleep on the way home! You know it’s a good day when you fall asleep on the way home! Daddy laid me in bed and I woke up…and had a second dinner! Then I got my bath and had the best night’s sleep……which was a great way to end my best weekend ever.

So there you have it, my first ever blog. I’m hoping my Mum lets me blog again because it’s pretty fun…..maybe my next blog will be about the Toddler Room…

Lucy, the Baby…I mean THE TODDLER

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