Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Block

I still have the block - so I've come up with my own lists list...and instead of ten minutes per list, I have to move to the next list when the song I'm listening to on my iPod ends....

List of Lucy, please stop....
Lucy, please stop licking yourself
Lucy, please stop licking the lotion off your arm
Lucy, please stop eating your shirt, you are not a goat!
Lucy, please stop putting your fingers in there
Lucy, please stop licking your plate....I will get your more ketchup
Lucy, please stop tugging on the puppy's penis
Lucy, please stop jumping off the porch
Lucy, please stop coloring on the windows
Lucy, please stop feeding the fish, we don't want him to get a belly ache (Ah Mama, do fish have bellies?)
Lucy, please, for the love of God, please stop licking the lotion off your arm
Lucy, please stop licking Mummy's arm

List of my favorite things to hear Lucy say
I love you
How about again?!?!
Mama/Daddy, look! A fire hydrant
Mama/Daddy, will you read to me?
Mama sing! Daddy sing!
I wanna see Caiti...
Mama, I like (insert name here)
Have a good day Mama! See you this afternoon!
Mama, where Daddy? I miss Daddy....
That's so cheesey!
Scooby Dooooo!!! Where are you?????
Mama, read Winnie the Pooh
Hot Diggity Dog!

List of what I remember from the day Lucy was born
I watched a Jon and Kate Plus 8 Marathon
They had tried to induce my labor the day before but nothing was happening so the Doctor decided to break my water
Getting your water broken is the most uncomfortable thing ever - I don't care what they tell you in birthing class, it was fucking uncomfortable...!
Yet the breaking of my water was also a bit of a relief...given that I lost about 20lbs in water weight, it should have been
I wanted a Blizzard from Dairy Queen in the worst way but they would not let me eat
Which meant my last supper had been the shitty chicken sandwich I had the day before
The nurses spent a lot of time in my room
I had an ultra sound and when the picture was handed to me, I fell in love
When Dr Wu was examining me, Lucy kept kicking her - Dr Wu informed me This baby is going to be a spitfire....if she only knew....
At one point, the nurse who was watching the monitor said can you feel that contraction? Yeah I said, why? Because the woman screaming next door is having the same one you are and all you did was shift your position. Doesn't it hurt? Yeah, I replied, but I feel like yelling might make it hurt more
To the Doctor doing my epidural: So this is my first time (getting an epidural), please tell me its not your first time doing one?

List of what I wanted to be when I grew up...from when I was a kid up till now...
A nun (3rd grade)
John Travolta's Girlfriend (3rd Grade)
A Teacher
A Librarian
A Writer
A newscaster
A reporter
A toy tester
A bartender
A Mum (check)
A Wife (check)
An event planner
A personal shopper
A bookstore owner
A baker
A lawyer
A book reviewer (like a food critic but books)
A columnist
An Editor of a newspaper
A farmer - or a farmer's wife

What I wish I could do or know how to do that I can't or just don't for whatever reason (but probably could if I put my mind to it...well, some things but not all)
Play the piano or guitar
Sing know be one of those people who gets up early and runs a couple miles before the day begins
Cook a five course meal - and cook it well
Be one of those Mums who remembers to take pictures at all events
Be one of those Mums who remembers to take a new picture of their child every day/week/month
Scrap booking - did I really just write that?
Shop - I hate shopping but sometimes wish I were better at it
Speak a foreign language....just to say I Gaelic or Welsh
Reconnect with old friends

Maria, the Mum

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