Thursday, June 30, 2011


Either I have the block again or Lucy is just not as funny as I thought....

List People that make you wonder Where are They Now?
Six from Blossom
Rayanne from My So Called Life
Sherman Douglas, one of my favorite basketball players ever
Jake Ryan, really do I need to tell you where he's from?!?
Corky from Life Goes On
Blair from Facts of Life
Some of the people I went to High School and college with
My old boss Alan, what was his last began with a B...he had weird lips but I totally had a crush on him....and he ended up dating a woman we worked with...I was jealous...but I wonder what happened to him.....and this other guy Joe I worked with, I wonder what happened to him
This guy Phil I dated in Illinois - super nice guy...I mean he was such a nice guy that at some point, I stopped thinking of him as a boyfriend and he became more of a companion....and my designated driver as he was not a big drinker and we dated in my mid-20's...and need I say more about my mid-20's? Anyway, I broke up with him because he was way too nice for me and there was no way I was ready to settle down.....but still saw him for like two years - we'd go to weddings together, parties that mutual friends had...I'd see him at Frank and Jenny's....I lost touch with him about a year or so before I I wonder what happened to him.....he was so nice....

List Memorable Activities/Events from When You Were a Kid
Going to the beach - Mum and Aunt Marie would load us kids up (7 of us, 3 of them) and we'd head off to the beach for the day...tuna and egg salad sandwiches, chips, sand in was great. Sometimes, Mum would even pull us out of school saying we had doctor's appointments...
Fishing in the ditch - When John and I were little, we'd tie string to a twig and cast our lines into ditch in front of our house...we never caught anything....
I remember staying at Grammy and Grampy's house quite fondly...especially when right before we went to bed, Grampy would give us a jar to catch fireflies and then he would place a piece of plastic wrap over the jar, secure it with an elastic, punch a couple holes so they could breath and send us off to sleep. Plus, they had a great library in their house and I read tons of books...same books my Mum read as a kid. Grammy's house is where I met Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and The Bobbsey Twins.
Christmas Eve - always a favorite. We be lived in Santa until we were like teenagers....but with younger kids in the house, it wasn't that hard. My parents would host an open house on Christmas Eve so there was a steady stream of company. The tree would go up and we would place, if we were lucky, one decoration each on it....and then it was left for Santa to finish...and we had a fence around our tree....and then we'd try to fall asleep but just end up giggling and sneaking up and down the stairs to spy on the adults and look for Santa....
I remember going to this little pizza place for dinner - and there was this guy who used to sit on a stool with his guitar and sing folk songs...and Puff the Magic Dragon. That is, to this day, still one of my favorite songs and stories
Summer softball and baseball games...both in our yard and with the ORA

Maria, the Mum

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