Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Negotiator, Spies Like Us, Golden Ticket

The Negotiator

Sometimes, in order to get Lucy to do things, we "negotiate" with her (some may call it bribing...some bargaining…..some may call it keeping one's sanity intact...

We'll say something like

Lucy, if we don't go upstairs and get changed, we can't go see Rosie
Lucy, we need to get a clean diaper or no hot dog
Lucy, let's get our shoes on or no playground

Lucy turned the tables on me the other night…I was trying to change her and she looked at me and said

No Beatles, no diaper

Spies Like Us
I walk into our bedroom to find Sean and Lucy stretched out on the bed looking out the window
What are you doing I ask?
Watching the people replied Sean, we're spying!
What people? I asked
Lucy popped up on her knees and yelled loudly while pointing out the window,
This people!!!!
This people!!! she yelled again causing them to look up at our bedroom window

Cover blown

The Golden Ticket
Sean observed the other day lottery winners seem to be old and immigrants…..he's going to start buying tickets this week

Maria, the Mum

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