Friday, June 10, 2011

Game On, What's for Dinner, Beatles, Haircut

Is there a game on?
When Lucy and I get home from work/school, I am in the habit of flipping the TV on to catch the news

The night we had the storms and the tornadoes, the news coverage remained on the TV, never breaking to normal programming

Lucy had finished dinner and was sort of flitting about the kitchen dancing and chattering away.

At one point, she stopped in front of me and said

Mama, I don't want to watch this anymore, she announced with one hand on her hip and the other point at the TV. Watch something else!

What would you like to watch Lucy? internally, I prepared myself for a battle as to why we could not watch Blues Clues or Yo Gabba Gabba

Ummmmmm.......Lucy has a long think and brings her hand to her chin and she raises her eyes upward deep in thought......

Ummmmmm, how about the baseball game?!?!?

Eggs, its whats for dinner
When I picked Lucy up on Monday, she and Rosie were putting some toys away in the tubs out on the playground. They spotted a spider and spent a few minutes watching him scurry about.

Lucy called me over to observe the spider

Look Mama! Itsy bitsy spider! Look! Look! LOOK!!!!! she jumped up and down and pointed in the tub and pulled me down to see

So I stuck my head in and ohhed and ahhed and made a couple comments about how fast the spider can run.

Lucy stuck her head in with me and we watched the spider work his way out of the tub and scuttle off away from us

Where he go? asked Lucy

He's going home for dinner Lucy. Just like we have to....

Oh, OK Mama, she replied slightly dejectedly

I put my hand out for her and we started to walk away

We stopped to say good night to Rosie and Lucy informed her the spider went home for dinner

He did? said Rosie, I wonder what he'll have for dinner....

Lucy, not missing a beat declares


Another Generation of Fans
Lucy is a grubber. As a direct result of this, most of the clothes I buy for her come right from Target ($3-4 for a shirt, $3-4 for a pair of pants/shorts) or Kohls (same things, $3-5 for each piece)

At Target, I often browse through the boy's section for T Shirts - they run bigger than the girls and I find that a 3T boys will fit her longer than a 3Y girls. In the last bunch I picked up, one of them happened to be a T Shirt with a cartooninsh picture of The Beatles on it - John, Paul, Ringo and George. It's actually a pretty cool T Shirt - like one I would wear of it came in my size

When I initially put it on Lucy, she was not impressed with it - until I turned her iPod on, flipped it to the Beatles "1" Album and explained to her the Beatles on her shirt were The Beatles singing not beetles.

Lucy now loves The Beatles: her T Shirt and the singing ones

While getting her dressed for bed (she often wears a T Shirt to bed and the boys T Shirts are perfect night shirts for her) she'll tell us I want my Beatles, I want my Beatles shirt!

And when we pull it down over her head, she screeches in delight BEEAATLESSS!!! My Beatles!!
We then of course have to turn on the music and listen to a couple songs while singing (which when Lucy says sing also means dancing)

And if we ask her if she'd like to listen to music....

Yeah! How about the Beatles?

What, no Lollipop?
Last weekend, we took Lucy to Davis Farmland.

Davis is this fantastic Farm in Sterling where the animals roam around the grounds, you can go in and cuddle the cows, you can chase the chickens, goats and sheep. You can pet a llama, a chinchilla, big fat rabbits and ride a pony. Oh, you can also milk a fake cow....which Lucy did a number of times but was quick to point out

Hey! That's not milk Mama! That water!!! Where the milk?

Well, this is only a pretend cow Lucy so we pretend the water is milk....

Oh.....silly fake cow! she declared as she slapped her on the rump....

While we were there, the sheep were being sheared...we asked Lucy if she would like to watch the sheep get a haircut...

The fellow doing it was quote entertaining and used clippers the whole time instead of an electric instead of taking 15.3 seconds as it does in a sheep shearing contest, it took probably 30-35 minutes...and eternity to a 2 year old....

But Lucy watched pretty intently though at one point she was distracted by a goat who came over to see her........

Where his Mummy Mama? Where his Mummy?

I don't know Lucy....

He sad be his Mummy!

At least three times, she pointed at the sheep and farmer guy and asked

What he doin'?

And Sean would explain The sheep is getting a hair cut...just like Lucy!

A haircut?

Yes baby, a haircut....

Oh....sheep get lollipop after haircut? Like Lucy? (when you go to Snip Its, after the haircut is over, the kids get a lollipop and a little time Lucy got a knock off plastic slinky and she thought it was the best thing ever...she still has that slinky and if you mention hair cut, she brings up her slinky and asks for a lollipop)

Well, let's wait and see honey.....

When the sheep was done getting a haircut and was sent back to her pen, Lucy pops up from her Dad's lap and says

Hey! No lollipop?

Maria, the Mum

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