Thursday, October 13, 2011

A turkey bit Lucy

As parents, there comes a time in the delicate life of your charge when you are faced with something you know you should not laugh at but can’t help yourself:

·       the first time they drop the F bomb
·       when they realize what a “fart” is and that it actually makes people laugh
·       when they use any swear word in mixed company
·       when they throw food at you while you are trying to get them to eat said food (only cute if they are under 3)
·       and when they get bitten by a turkey… nipped really as turkeys don’t actually bite…but they nip and can draw blood

Saturday, we found ourselves, yet again, at the Southwick Zoo in Mendon. If you do live here in the area, I strongly recommend a trip there….it’s about an hour from our house and though some may say a bit pricey ($19.50 each for Sean and I to get in, Lucy is free right now as she is under 3 but kids are $13.50…flash your AAA card and get $2 off each ticket), it is totally worth the price of admission. The smiles and giggles from Lucy is enough of a reward for us….that and the fact she takes a kick ass nap on the way home and then still goes to bed early that night! So please, go to the zoo – and as a side note, this zoo receives no federal funding; admission goes to the upkeep of the zoo….
Upon our arrival, and Lucy’s request, we headed straight for the lions and tigers…Lucy and the orange Bengal squared off and paced back and forth together for about 10 minutes. The male lion was yowling something fierce and every few seconds, Lucy would look at us and declare:

He talkin’ to me Mama! The lion talkin’ to me!
And she’d stand at attention and listen to what the lion had to say.

We went and visited the leopard….and could still hear the lion because according to Lucy
He lookin’ for me Mama!

We visited the monkeys, the chimps, the flamingos (the ‘mingos are stinky Mama!) the kangaroos who were jumping like Roo (but not like Tigger Daddy! Tigger bounces on his tail!) and the tortoises.
We checked on the porcupines and the emus and made our way over to the giraffes and the zebras. We walked through the deer forest where Lucy fed Bambi….

Lots of Bambis Mama! Bambi everywhere! Oh my word! she gasped
One Bambi followed Lucy down the path….she had no food bur he stayed righht by her side. He would not let anyone else near him but the two of them strolled down the path together with Lucy's hand on his rump or his side content as could be. If Sean or I tried to pet him, he sort of flitted off….but always made his way back to Lucy.

Finally, we made it to the little petting area – it’s full of goats and Lucy loves goats almost as much as she loves…well, every other animal in the zoo and on the farm. But the goats are extra cool because they chase you, they let you chase them, they’ll eat out of your hand and let you snuggle them.

She and Daddy made a beeline for the food dispenser as Lucy loves nothing more than to feed the animals. There was one big old goat who was a bit pushy but Sean fended him off so Lucy could concentrate on the little baby goats.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a couple turkeys….I didn’t remember there being turkeys last time but really did not think anything of it…..until I heard Lucy let out a yelp and then explode into a full blown cry. I saw Sean scoop her up and heard her calling for me

I of course launch into Mama Bear mode. I was not even sure what had happened; all I knew was I needed to get to my baby. So I hip checked some guy who was standing next to me keeping my eyes on Sean and Lucy watching for signs of blood, scanning the crowd for a guilty looking kid who may have hurt my daughter and rushed over to the fence where Sean could hand Lucy over to me…..
Poor Lucy was blubbering and Sean was trying to calm her down while she just wailed

Mama! Mama!
What happened baby? I asked running my hands over her head looking for blood searching her face and eyes for some hint of what trauma had befallen my little imp

I think a turkey got her said Sean

The turkey, I think he nipped her…
Mama! The turkey bite me…..the turkey bite me….she wailed louder and buried her face into my neck

I looked at Sean and saw a bit of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth….
A turkey bit her? Are you sure?

Lucy cried harder as Sean and I staved off the giggles, showed Lucy the proper empathy, and within minutes, we had Lucy’s hand cleaned off, tears dried and she was ready to go back into the pen armed with the command

She spent the weekend nursing her wound…and telling anyone and everyone a turkey bit her….then she’d hold up her little finger for inspection as the person would look to Sean and I in disbelief with the same smile tugging at the corners of their mouth. We’d dutifully back up Lucy’s story and almost everyone would repeat, when we finished the story, A turkey bit her?!?!
We even had to call Noni and Auntie Lis to tell them the turkey bit Lucy…she wanted to call Papa but he’s away at a Folk Festival and Auntie Cheetie did not answer her phone but I’m sure Lucy will catch them up on the drama.

Monday evening, Lucy informed me that she was still mad at the turkey
Mama! He never even said sorry!

Well, what should we do Lucy?
Eat ‘em for T’anksgiving…

I don’t even know how she knows we have turkey for Thanksgiving….but apparently she knows
Maria the Mum

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