Friday, January 13, 2017

Dear Mary

Lucy just finished the last of her Christmas thank you notes
Then she asked if she should write one for Mary
Mary who I asked
Mary! Mumma! Mary!
I looked at her blankly while scanning the mental list I had made of gifts she received (as I lost the paper list last week)
Honey, what did Mary give you?
As I asked her that question, I was still not 100% sure who Mary was
Seriously Mumma? Mary gave us Christmas
I stared at her still unsure of who the hell Mary was and what she gave us or how she gave us Christmas
My old land lord? Her name is Mary...but we did not make it down there this year
Does she mean Aunt Marie who sent us a centerpiece? Because when the centerpiece arrived, I declared it was officially Christmas as I set it on the table between the two ceramic snowmen Aunt Marie made at least 20 years ago......because its officially Christmas in my house when the ceramic tree, wreath and snowmen Aunt Marie made get set out
What did Mary give you Luce? I can't remember
Seriously Mumma! she says in that tone that tells me I am about to be set straight and most likely deserve it
Yes honey, I can't remember
Mary! MARY! she declares with her hands in the air
Mary who had Baby Jesus!
We should tell her thank you because if she did not have Baby Jesus, there would be no birthday to even celebrate!
And if there is no birthday to celebrate, there is no reason for Santa to bring us gifts!
So Mary gave us Christmas....and I for one am pretty thankful Mumma.....and not just because of the gifts, I mean I actually really love Jesus.....I bet we could have been and Jesus...if we were, I would totally take him to Buddy Week at Karate....
I grew her you guys.....we totally made her....

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