Friday, January 13, 2017

Ziggy got in trouble

Lucy worked really hard on her thank you notes this year
She wrote each of them on her own with little or no help
They were sent out in waves, spelling and grammatical errors in tact because she was hell bent on doing them her way and on her own
Last night, she finished up the last of the notes
She left them on the table, as instructed, so I could mail them today
This morning, as Lucy sat at the table eating breakfast and I was in the kitchen making lunches, Ziggy, our 18 lb Wonder Cat, Lucy's best friend and sometimes arch enemy, hopped up on the table and knocked over an open bottle of water soaking said pile of thank you notes and my planner book
I heard Lucy yell Ziggy NOOOOO!! and the water bottle hitting the floor
Then she yelled I can't believe you just did that young man!
Lucy grabbed a ShamWow and I snatched up the thank you notes
By the way, it is worth noting I made fun of Sean when he bought these as seen on TV ShamWows but turns out, best investment ever especially if you have kids
I now give this as a standard baby shower gift
Not as shitty of a gift as you think because someday, when you are ankle deep in spilled milk/water/bodily fluid, you'll thank me
As Lucy mopped up the mess on the table and floor, I franticallyripped the thank you notes out of the envelopes in hopes of saving them
The envelopes were a loss but the note cards were safe
But, my Planner/Datebook totally took one for the Team
I am distraught and at a loss
I also feel like I should be somewhere but I don't know where because my 2 Year Appointment calendar is soaked
But I digress and this is not about me
As Lucy mopped up the mess, I shooed the cat out of the kitchen towards the the front door
Lucy followed me and scolded Ziggy as she waggled her finger at him:
Go get some fresh air and think about what you did Mister!
She opened the door and Zigs scooted out
Lucy turned to me with her arms bent at the elbows, palms facing upward and shoulders shrugging as she says Mumma! I do not know what has gotten in to this cat!
First, he's been tearing up the floors
(he has, for a few weeks now just been tearing at the rugs and carpet like nobody's business...we have the snags and rips to prove it)
Then he started this meowing at us all the time
(also true),
He's been knocking stuff off the table
(this kid is really on a roll/rant)
And let's not even talk about the other day when he took that swipe at me for no reason
(true story, he did do this, so upsetting for her)
And now this!
He's is gonna go back to the kitty farm if he does not knock it off!
(the kitty farm being the shelter we adopted him from)
Maybe he does have cabin fever but this is getting ridiculous!
I'm gonna have a talk with him!
She turned on her heel and headed back to the door
Ziggy was sitting on the front stoop following her every move with his head
As Lucy approached the door, he meowed, big and loud
Lucy shushed him as she propped open the door and knelt down in front of him
Ziggy! Lucy said in a stern tone
I do not know what has gotten into you!
But you have to stop being such a little brat!
Ziggy meowed
Lucy sighed, started petting his head and softened her tone
Is it because you have to eat skinny boy food now (Ziggy's on new diet food from the vet)?
You know that's because we love you and we want you to live for a long time...
She dropped her voice to a murmur and cupped his little face with her hand
I know its hard Ziggy Boy, but you have to stop
You can't just go around being a jerk
And I worked really hard on those notes!
Ziggy meowed
Ok Ziggy Boy, I forgive you
She put her head down and as they do, gently head butted each other
Lucy stood up and walked back to the table where I was now staring at my planner in disbelief and annoyance
Well, I think his behavior will improve, I had a talk with him
Great Luce, thanks for talking to him
Yeah, I just made it clear he needs to stop being a little brat or he's going back to the kitty farm I mean if I can't be a jerk, neither can he
Oh ok well, thanks again pal
Sure ....sorry about your book Mumma
Ahh, that's okay pal, at least we saved your thank you cards...
Yep, lucky for Ziggy we saved my thank you cards.....but he better watch his step....
And this is why I sleep with one eye open people.............

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