Monday, May 2, 2011

Mama is, Squirrels, Driving Lucy, Lucypalooza, Pretty Princess

From the backseat, on the way home from Day Care in between fruit snacks:

Yes Lucy?
Daddy is a boy, Lucy is a girl and Mama is a mummy!!!
Thanks for clarifying Lucy….
You’re welcome Mama

We have a big old oak tree in our back yard which results in acorns which results in squirrels which results in Lucy standing at the back door yelling

Go away cheeky squirrels! Go away!

Driving Miss Daisy
Lucy is a back seat driver.

When approaching a line of traffic, she will often yell out Whoa Daddy! Whoa!

If she looks around and sees a lot of cars or a large truck she will proclaim Wow! Watch out!

And if you sit a little too long at a stop sign or a traffic light, she will yell Go Mama go!

When we make the last left hand turn onto Webster Street before turning right into Northwoods Circle, Lucy starts announcing Lucy’s home! Lucy’s here!

And when we pull up to the house, she yells Stop Mama!

Test Drive
Lucy received a scooter from Noni and Papa for her birthday. Though we have not gotten it outside yet, it has had many test drives through the kitchen and living room.

Lucy hops on it, stands up ever so straight with her feet in the first position, grasps the handle bars with both hands and demands Push me Daddy, push me! Lucy go for a ride now!

Sweet Dreams
We bought Lucy a toddler bed over the weekend. It’s not that she’s been climbing out of her crib (though she has hurled herself out of it once or twice) but we just felt like it was time to get her out of the crib – I suppose its more because I hate the crib and we found a really cute bed with a nu-now and a puppy on it….so really, it’s about me.

Sean put the bed together while Lucy was napping. He moved her room around to accommodate both the crib and the bed and then he made the bed so when Lucy awoke from her nap, it was there for her to see.

When she walked into her room, she pointed to the bed straight away and said That Lucy’s bed…..notice it was a statement not a question.

We agreed, Yep that’s Lucy’s bed.

She then told us she wanted to sleep in her bed – Sean and I looked at each other and I’m pretty sure he gave me a silent high five with his eyes for I was already feeling pretty triumphant…maybe this would be easier than I thought….maybe I would have one of those kids that does not need all kinds of transition time, you know, the ones that can adapt to any situation………..

After her bath that night, PJs on, hair dried, nails cut, we set about our normal routine (Daddy reads her a couple books, tucks her in, turns out the light and Mummy reads Winnie-the-Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, with a flashlight)

When it was time to tuck her in, she jumped up, headed to her new bed and climbed in with a push from Daddy. She snuggled under the blanket, I read ½ a page and she hopped up and declared No Mama, that bed! pointing at her crib…..

So I hoisted her over the rails into her crib and read Chapter 7 In Which Tigger is Unbounced

Lucy turned 2 April 16th; the celebrating started April 9th and continued through till April 30th.

After some stop and go and indecisiveness, Lucy had some friends over on April 9th to celebrate her birthday (side note: Cousin De also got married this day to our new Cousin Brad…Mazel Tov!)

Auntie Mike came over and helped me with the decorations….It looked like an Enchantment Under the Sea Prom…..But the kids had a blast, the parents enjoyed themselves and there was cake and ice cream so who cares if I went over the top…besides, isn’t that what we do for our kids?

On April 14th, Lucy had a party at Day Care. I made Nemo themed cupcakes and sent some little favors into school for her and her class. Rosie made her a crown (which she wore in the car for the drive up to Maine…and if you say birthday, she has to go get her crown on before you continue the birthday discussion or celebration) and the kids all sang to her and she got to blow out a candle (she was super excited about that)

April 16th, we were in Maine with Noni and Papa…and we had another party with the Aunts and Uncles which meant more cake and ice cream….and more singing to Lucy and another candle to blow out

On the 23rd, we had some friends over for dinner….who showed up with cake, ice cream and gifts for Lucy! So Lucy’s birthday continued! By now, if you mention the word cake, balloons or birthday, Lucy pipes up and says Lucy’s Birthday?! She asks for her crown and then starts singing Happy Birthday to herself.

On the 24th, Easter, we went to cousins Patsy and Nick’s for dinner….and they had a cake for Lucy! More singing, more candles to blow out and more declarations of Lucy’s Birthday?!?! Where my crown?

Lucypalooza came to an end this past weekend as we attended not one but two birthday parties. When we told Lucy we were going to a Birthday Party, she asked

Lucy’s Birthday?

No, Caiti’s birthday

No Mama, Lucy’s birthday!

No Lucy, now its Caiti’s turn to have a birthday….

Oh, Caiti have a birthday?

Yes, it's Caiti's birthday....

Oh…and she with a big smile on her face she declares, with her arms outstretched, Happy Birthday Caiti…Just like Happy Birthday Lucy!

And now for my next trick….
Lately, when Lucy accomplishes something, like say climbing up into her booster seat at the kitchen table (did I mention we have a pub table) or finishes something, like say her dinner, her new favorite thing is to throw her arms out, tilt her head to one side, opens her eyes wide, turns on her million dollar smile, give jazz hands and declares at the top of her lungs

(Jazz hands continue until applause is over)

I’m not wearing that!
Lucy is not a girly girl. She does not like bows in her hair, tutus or dresses.

She hates dresses so much that she won’t even put on a night gown.

Easter Sunday, it took two parents and a 45 minute wrestling match to get a little dress on her (and it’s not even like it was some big fruffy dress with tulle, it was a little purple cotton sheath dress…there wasn’t even a bow on it!)

After jamming her into the dress, the deal was she got to choose her socks and shoes… she picked her bright red Elmo socks and her pink Chucks

Fairy Tales can come true
Friday morning, I like so many, arose to watch The Royal Wedding. At one point, as I was watching the “Pre-Game Show,” I wished that Lucy were old enough to understand, appreciate and watch The Wedding with me as I watched The Wedding with my mother in 1981.

At five minutes of 6, I could no longer contain myself. I ran upstairs and in a loud whisper informed Sean that Kate was almost to the Church, could he get up and please bring Lucy with him. Sean staggered down over the stairs by himself just as she was arriving at the Church.

Within five minutes, Lucy let out a wail and Sean went up to get her.

He brought her downstairs to the family room and she snuggled on the couch with me still a bit sleepy but staring at the TV nonetheless. I whispered to her that she was watching the Prince marry his Princess and wasn’t it beautiful?

All of a sudden, she sits up, points at Catherine (as now they were wed) and declares

Pretty Girl!

From that moment on, if the camera panned away from Catherine, Lucy would yell out, Where’s the pretty girl!!?! I want the pretty girl!

She hopped off the couch, stood in front of the TV and yelled....

Hi Yo Pretty Princess!!!

When the Ceremony ended, Lucy remained standing in front of the TV murmuring about the pretty princess…and when the Prince and Princess climbed into the carriage, Lucy’s head almost exploded when she saw them being pulled away by horses!

Mummy! Mama! Horsies! NEIGH NEIGH!!! Pretty Princess ride the neighs!!!!!

As William and Catherine’s procession headed towards the Palace, Lucy waved back as they waved to her. At one point, Catherine was waving and Lucy declared,

Mama! Pretty Princess is waving at me!
Buh Bye Pretty Princess!!!!!!

She may not understand or even remember what she saw, but I did and I will and one day, many years from now, she will at least appreciate it as much as I did at that moment…….

Maria, the Mum

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