Monday, October 17, 2011

22 Thing's I've never done

As inspired by prompt #1 from Mama Kat

I'm 39 years old and I've never:
  1. Tamed a lion (but once, I did manage to wrestle a 10 lb cat into a took 20 minutes and I got like 5 or 6 flesh wounds)
  2. Been to Hawaii (but I've been there in spirit with the Brady's)
  3. Won the lottery (one time I won a free ticket on a scratch ticket I got as a gift)
  4. Met a President (I did meet the Governor of was a prize for a contest I won..I got to sit at his desk and apparently commented that running a State could not be that hard as his desk was awfully clean....)
  5. Caught a foul ball at and MLB game (though one time, I caught a piece of Manny's bat...more precisely it caught me but whatever)
  6. Been asked for my autograph (unless you count when the trooper asked me for my signature on the ticket he just wrote me...)
  7. Taken a proper IQ test (though I think Mensa would accept based on my wit and charm...and willingness to pay the entrance fee)
  8. Been mistaken for a super model (but when I first moved to Boston, I got mistaken for then sitting Governor Jane Swift)
  9. Leaned to speak a second language fluently (I barely passed Spanish in high school and what was I thinking taking Latin?!)
  10. Been confirmed (amazing for a Catholic I know but as a kid, when I would have been confirmed, we were not going to Church on a regular basis and as an adult, when I came back to the Church, I just never got around to it)
  11. Met a member of the royal family (but I keep trying, I know I'll get to meet the Queen someday...we're friends on FB...and I think she and I could have lots of fun together....)
  12. Water skied (I have a vague memory or trying when I was younger and was at the Clough's camp but I'm pretty sure I never ever actually made it up on the skies) or snow skied for that matter (imagine that, from Maine and never snow skied...oddly, I have no interest)
  13. Read Moby Dick (but I know the first line)
  14. Seen any bill bigger than a $100 dollar bill (and it was not even like it was my bill, I was depositing it for the company)
  15. Flown first class (though I was once bumped to business class)
  16. Been to our nation's capitol (what the hell kind of Patriot am I?!?) or a Joint Session of Congress
  17. Chopped down a cherry tree (but when I was a kid, I helped Dad and Grampy split wood)
  18. Never had anything or anyone named after me (but I have had a bar stool dedicated to me....2 actually.....)
  19. Never saved some one's life (though one time, when I was like 10, maybe 11, my youngest sister who was like 1 or 2 fell into the deep end of the pool and sunk to the bottom. Uncle Ed and I were the only two who saw it happen and I jumped in and pulled her up...but that does not really count because I'm pretty sure she would have surfaced....I'm pretty sure kids float)
  20. Asked for a raise (not to say I haven't gotten a a raise...I just earned it instead of asking for it)
  21. Been bitten by a turkey (but Lucy has)
  22. Roped a calf or ridden a bull (but when I someday win the lottery and buy a ranch, I plan on doing both)
Maria the Mum


    1. About the Governor's desk, there are some people who have two desks/offices: One (neat) one they use for meeting people, and another (messy) one where they actually do the work. The owner of a mail house we use as a vendor does that, for instance, and I'd bet most Governors do, too.

    2. I'm laughing at your parenthetical clarifications because I just did the same thing. :)

    3. "It's only a flesh wound!" Tell that to the gaping paper cut on my index finger!


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