Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a seashell!

Lucy is sick

She awoke yesterday morning (at 2:30am) barking like a little seal and snot running out of her nose.
So we laid low yesterday; cancelled plans, stayed home, colored, read books, did puzzles, watched a movie......and, pooped on the potty......!!!!

Sean had just bathed Lucy who was standing in front of the window naked (watching me walk around the circle) when Sean heard her grunt and asked her if she had to poop

Yeah Daddy
How about on the potty? he suggested

So Lucy perched herself on the potty, peed AND pooped then ran to the window and screamed down to me

I peed on the potty!
And I pooped!!!

I of course went dashing into the house and the three of us celebrated in the bathroom as Lucy, quite studiously, stood over her potty examining the contents.

She looked at us ever so proudly and declared

I pooped! In the potty!
She glanced back at the poop in the potty again....
And it looks like a seashell!

And then she unceremoniously walked away leaving her Dad and me squinting at the poop in the potty looking for the seashell...

Maria the Mum

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