Thursday, October 27, 2011

22 Things I've Done

Last week, I told you about 22 things I’ve never done as inspired by Mama Kat’s writing prompt. This week, she’s asking me to share 22 things I have done……

At the age of the 39, I have….

1.       Known bliss and joy…..thank you Lucy Ellen and Sean

2.       Been blessed….thank you Sean, Lucy and God

3.       Seen the Red Sox win the World Series…..twice…..sometimes, I’ll be driving in my car and think Holy Shit! We won the World Series…and I’m referring to 2004 which still hasn’t quite sunk in….2007 hasn’t even hit me yet me yet

4.       Been an extra in a movie…Major League II…it was being filmed at Camden Yards…free hot dogs and beer…..we were in college so anything free appealed to our senses….I’ve also met Tommy Lasorda (bar in St Louis) and Bill Murray (Wrigley Field)…I love baseball

5.       Met Billy Joel’s Band…my brother tried to pick up the totally hot back-up singer but ended up spilling his drink on her…and we had our 15 year old sister in a bar with us

6.       Been to a Versailles…I was also terribly hung over and threw up while there….and not in the bathroom

7.       Been lost and found…seriously…I was like 5 or 6 and my parent took all us kids t o Quincy Market in Boston for lunch and then the plan was we would walk over to the Aquarium…somehow, I got left behind in Quincy Market

8.       Seen the Moors of England….and they are as dark and haunting as one would think

9.       Eaten rabbit….and loved it….as a matter of fact, that rabbit pie may have been the best meal I had while in England…I still think about it…I love food

10.   Celebrated Thanksgiving with the English….twice…..the first time, was a few years ago. There were some folks over from England working in Sean’s office and we had them all around for Thanksgiving dinner…I was the only American.....10 Brits and me....The second time was last year....we were in England for Thanksgiving and my fantastic in-laws (mother, father, sister and brother) all planned a special Thanksgiving dinner for me

11.   Seen the Mona Lisa in person….I did not throw up in the Louvre but Jen and I did get lost

12.   Voted….I vote in pretty much every election; even the local elections. It’s my civic duty, right and privilege…plus, I figure a lot of people made some huge sacrifices just so I could vote….it would be disrespectful to them to not vote…so Rock the Vote People!!!!!!

13.   Protested….technically, it was not a  protest so much as it was a rally… was the semester in college I decided I wanted to be a liberal…not even sure what I was rallying for but I did inhale and felt nothing

14.   Helped my parents celebrate 40 years of marriage… year will be 45

15.   Had a quarter life crises…turning 25 was really hard for me…so for like a year I lived life like a rock star…how I did not end up behind bars or worse is beyond me…but man it was fun!

16.   Lost 70 pounds…ok, so I gained some back but I lost 70lbs

17.   Stood up for my oldest brother and youngest sister in their weddings….and then my brother made me an Aunt 3 times over and I look forward to my youngest sister doing the same thing

18.   Graduated from college…in 4 years, with honors and actually use my degree…to an extent

19.   Known love and loss, triumph and defeat…and they all have made me the person I am today

20.   Connected myself to Kevin Bacon in less than six degrees: Michelle (1), a family friend, married Akiva (2) who was a producer for Mr and Mrs Smith starring Brad Pitt (3) who was in Sleepers with (hello!!) Kevin Bacon

21.   Been a good friend, a shitty friend, a good sister, a shitty sister, a good daughter, a shitty daughter…..huh, I just used shitty 3 times in a sentence, never done that before either

22.   Changed…..I’m 39 and I’ve changed….sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much….and I hope that as I grow older and wiser, I keep changing so I can be  better….not just for you but also for me

Maria the Mum


  1. I'm so glad you didn't throw up in the Louvre! I've been to several European countries, but never France. It's a goal of mine.

  2. I really enjoyed your list. Number 19 is such a great thing to have done and learned from.

  3. Great list. And you may have thrown up in Versailles because it is grossly moldy-I was sober and threw up there both times I went (yeah, and I wasn't in the bathroom either-at least I'm not the only one that happened to)


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