Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Be careful

We see Kristen almost every day. She and I usually walk together in the morning and almost every night, Lucy wanders over to visit with her. She loves Kristen and Jet more than her acorns and her rocks (she told me so)

If we go too many days without seeing Kristen (read one day), Lucy has a tendency to get a bit worked up…..when Kristen was on vacation in July, it was a long week and by Wednesday, Lucy was beside herself…we’d pull up to our house and she’s look over to Kristen’s and moan
Kristen no home Mama…I miss my buddy Kristen…..*sigh*

Kristen is going on vacation soon – she’s headed to Italy and will be gone for a week. A couple times, I’ve tried to prepare Lucy for it by talking about not seeing Kristen for a few days but it sort of goes over her head
Sunday evening, we went over to Kristen’s to tell her about our trip to the zoo on Saturday and the aquarium on Sunday.

As we were getting ready to leave, I was holding Lucy in my arms when Kristen started to tell Lucy that she was getting ready to go on vacation
She explained to Lucy she was going to pack her bags, go to the airport, get on a plane and fly for a long time to go visit her nephew who was far far away in Italy….

Lucy listened intently and with rapt attention as Kristen told her about the trip she was about to embark on ….when Kristen finished her narrative, she said
What do you think of that Lucy?

Lucy looked at her very seriously and in her most sincere and sweetest voice chirped two simple words without missing a beat:
Be careful!

I wish I could capture the moment better than I am but let me say this; for a split second, none of us reacted…until we realized what she had said and what her intent was behind it.
Kristen, who is so animated and has an endearing smile and an infectious laugh just froze….her smile did not waiver or break but tears sprang to her eyes and she placed her face in her hands. I felt my own cheeks flush as my eyes watered and when I looked over at Sean, he was ducking away so we could not see the tears that were forming in his eyes.

Bless Lucy’s little heart…with two words, she brought three adults to a standstill – and all we could do was tell her how much we loved her…...just as she had told Kristen how much she loved her with her simple statement of
Be Careful!

Kristen recovered and thanked Lucy for her wishes….and then said

You know what Lucy!? How would you like it if I got you a little present while I’m in Italy? How would that be? How would you like me to bring you back something from Italy?
Lucy, true to form, blurts out with great enthusiasm:

How about a puppy!!!!???

Maria the Mum

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