Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of the mouth of Lucy

Lucy slang:

Mingo = Flamingo
Raffe = Giraffe
Bikecle = Bicycle
Motorbikecle = Motorcycle
Unibikecle = Unicycle

The other night I was getting Lucy ready for bed and she says to me
Mama, I so proud of you! You a good Mama....I love you so much

Sean went out with a friend Friday night so Lucy and I had a girls' night
We sangs songs, had a picnic dinner, made funny faces.....Lucy declared
We so silly Mama! We funny!

When her Dad walks through the door, finally home from work Lucy declares with triumph and awe in her voice:
It's Super Daddy!!!

I was sitting on the floor next to Lucy's bed reading her stories...Lucy was leaning against my shoulder with her arms wrapped around my arm. She lets out a big sigh and says sleepily
Mama, you the best snuggler....

If Lucy really loves/likes someone, their name is preceded with the title My as in My Mama, My Daddy, My Kristen, My Ali, My Rika, My Jet....

The other night, Lucy was telling me about her day at school when she let out a sigh and frowned....

What's the matter Lucy?
I miss My Rika Mama (Rika is her AWESOME teacher)
Oh, I know you do honey (Rika is on vacation)

At this point, she shook her head dejectedly and dropped her face into her hands....
Oh Mama, when will Rika be back from Target?!?!

Kristen is in Italy and Jet is at the kennel. We've been checking on Kristen's house and watering her plants. Every time we go into the house, Lucy yells for Kristen...then she yells for Jet...and I remind her they are not home
I know Mama....I  just checkin'...maybe they surprise Lucy....?!?!

Sunday, when we checked on the house, Lucy asked me where Jet was
He's on vacation too Lucy
I know Mama! But where? At Noni's? At Aunt Lis's house? Where Jet go?
I was not sure how to explain the kennel to Lucy so I said
Jet went to visit his friends...
Oh Mama.....they play?
Yep, I'm sure they're playing and having lots of fun....
I Jet's friend Mama!
Yes, yes you are Lucy!
I hope his other friends know they 'posedta give him treats....2 treats (as she holds up six fingers)

We were talking about her new favorite movie Babe on the way home from school the other day. Though it is a bit of a dark movie, Lucy adores it and most of the darkness goes right over her head....

Mama! she shouts all excitedly
Yes Lucy
I  love animals...I love Babe, I love cows, I love puppies, I love ALL the animals!
I know you do honey...
Mama! shouted with even more excitement
What Lucy?
When I get big, I gonna have a farm...like the Farmer has! (referring to Farmer Hoggett from Babe)
You are?! What will you have on your farm Lucy?

Without taking a breath, Lucy launches into her list ticking each animal off while keeping track on her fingers and bopping her head from side to side......

Ummmm, I have chickens, cows, horses, hippos, lions, pigs, alligator, sheep, armadillo, tigers, puppies, kitties, monkeys, ducks, rhinos, zebras, 'raffes, 'mingos, rabbits, a wolf, kangaroo......

Wow, that sounds like quite a zoo Lucy...all kinds of animals...quite a mix....

Yeah Mama!Yeah Mama....I just love all animals....and I want them ALL (she throws her arms out wide, like in the He's-Got-The-Whole-World-in-His-Arms style) to come live with me on the farm.....ALLL animals come live with Lucy!!!!

She pauses and then adds as an after thought, shaking her little pudgy finger in the air,

But no turkeys Mama!

Maria the Mum

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