Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Bed, Brave and Bubba

I Brave Mama
Last night, after Sean bathed Lucy and I dressed her, and we sang a rousing rendition of Old MacDonald's Farm while parading (literally) around upstairs, Lucy decided she wanted me to read her stories before bed instead of Daddy.

Just as Daddy and Lucy have been doing for the past couple weeks, we stretched out on her big girl bed to read a couple stories. After the fourth or fifth book, I told Lucy we were all done and it was time to go to sleep

OK Mama, turn off the light please

So I turned off the light expecting to hoist her into her crib but when I turned around, she was standing next to her big girl bed clutching Bubba, The Orange Dinosaur and announced

Lucy sleep in big girl bed Mama
OK Lucy, want Mama to put you in?
Yeah, Mama help Lucy

So I helped Lucy crawl into the big girl bed and pulled the covers up over she, Bubba and Dina (the pink and green dinosaur Auntie Mikel gave to Lucy when she was born)

Do you want Mama to read Winnie the Pooh
No thank you Mama, I go to sleep in my big girl bed
Oh, OK.......

I was not sure what else to say; I almost said are you sure? But I did not want to discourage her or second guess her decision.....So I just sort of stood there for a second trying not to make a big deal out of the fact she asked to get in the bed...and I was trying not to get too excited so I would not be disappointed when she asked to go in her crib

I leaned over and gave Lucy a kiss good night, stroked her head for a few seconds and told her I loved her and was proud of her

I sleep in big girl bed Mama.....I brave she murmured as she pulled Bubba closer to her and closed her eyes

I stayed in the room for a few minutes just to make sure....she looked so tiny in her bed....and I wondered why I was in such a rush to make her grow up, to move from the crib (a baby bed) to a big girl toddler bed....all of a sudden, I had the urge to pick her up, toss her back in the crib and tell her to be a baby for as long as she wanted.

But I didn't......because she opened her eyes, looked at me and said

I OK Mama, I brave...I love you! and with a giggle, she nuzzled Bubba and within five minutes, was sound asleep

Lucy made it through the night in her big girl bed. She did wake up around 12:45ish (my clock said 1:11am but its like 20 or 25 minutes fast...don't ask) We've not been going in when she wakes up the past couple weeks and she has done great at soothing herself back to sleep but I did get up last night as I wanted to make sure she was not wandering around

She was standing next to the bed when I walked in crying just a bit. I knelt down and opened my arms letting Lucy walk into my hug.

Mama....sniff sniff...where Bubba?

I retrieved Bubba from under the covers, handed him to Lucy who gave him a big cuddle. She then turned and crawled back into bed

Mama stay?

Yes Lucy, I'll stay for a few minutes

Thank you Mama

Though she tossed and turned, she was back asleep within minutes (as was I on the accident but I was tired)

Lucy woke up this morning full of beans, bouncing around like a toy ball as her Dad observed....and quite proud of herself for sleeping in her big girl bed.

I liked it Mama! I like sleeping in the big bed! I do it again?!?

Maria, the Mum

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