Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dumbo, Bambi, Bingo, Waldo, The Biter

Oldies but Goodies
We watched Dumbo and Bambi recently - Lucy loved both movies

She asked only once where Bambi's mummy went but answered herself by saying she had to go shopping. When she watches Dumbo, she stands in front of the TV and tells Dumbo its okay, don't cry, I like your ears. She also tries to soothe Dumbo's mother by assuring her that Dumbo OK! He's flying!

Where's Waldo
Saturday, Kristen, our neighbor, knocked on the door and asked if Lucy could help her plant some flowers. Lucy, who adores Kristen (and her puppy Jet and her boyfriend Roger), obliged and the two of them toddled off hand in hand to Kristen's to plant flowers.

An hour later, Lucy returned (with a lovely impatient in tow) and informed us she had fun in the dirt and she got to feed Jet. She was telling her Dad about the flowers when Kristen pulled me aside and says

Roger's not here this morning, he had a few things to do up at his place. So I take Lucy into the house to feed Jet through the back door. She sort of looks around for a minute, without saying anything and the walked through the dining room into the living room, back around to the kitchen...and I knew she was looking for Roger but I did not say anything, I just let her look. And then, says Kristen through her laugh, Lucy looks up at me, raises her arms and says

Where the heck is Roger?!?

Bingo was his name Oh
Monday morning, Lucy was perched in her car seat flipping through her Dumbo storybook while Sean and I were saying our good byes.

As I was leaving, and Sean was adjusting the straps on her seat, he asked, What are you reading Lucy

Lucy, without looking up or missing a beat responds


My sister Angela aand her son Cooper sent Lucy a beach towel with Nemo and his Tank Gang on it. She's been carrying it around with her since it arrived (even insisting that it be hanging on the back of her chair while she's eating dinner). She refers to it as her Nemo Blanket.

The other day, as I was in the kitchen fixing her lunch, she was snuggling her Nemo "blanket" abd I heard her whisper to it
I love you Nemo blanket, I love you

Welcome to America!
Uncle Gareth will arrive from England Thursday. We've been talking about it all week and prepping Lucy for his arrival by announcing Uncle Gareth will be here soon!

This morning at breakfast, Sean said Lucy! Guess who will be here to see you tomorrow?!
Lucy, all excitedly, gasps and says ROSIE!!!! (her teacher from school who sits for her)

Uhh, not quite I say...Uncle Gareth! I declare with just as much enthusiasm

OH, she says slumping her shoulders and sort of groaning.....can Rosie come instead?

Mama Did It
Between Saturday and Sunday, Sean hung all the blinds in the house.

One of the blinds we hung was a bit wonky...Sean noticed it straight away and pointed it out to me. While he was upstairs, I wondered aloud to Lucy if I broke it when dropped it in the store (and may or may not have forgotten to tell Sean I did so)

Sean left a bit later to take the blind back and exchange it.

Lucy asked where Daddy was

He went to the store I replied

For Lucy? code for to Buy me something?

No silly, he had to take the blind back to the store

Oh.....the one you broke?

Spartacus no more
When I picked Lucy up on Thursday, before I could even say hello to her, she popped up from where she was sitting and blurted out

Mama! _____ bit me!

She must have repeated this three times before we left, and at least a half dozen more times on the way home. And when we arrived home, she told anyone who would listen that ____ bit her.

The next morning, as we're leaving for work and school, Lucy informs she does not like the biter.

I no like ______. He bite Lucy. I not play with him

Lucy, I say, I know he bit you and that was not nice but _____ is still your friend. You just need to be nice...and patient with ______.

No Mama! I not like ____. He bite Lucy! No No ____! Don't bite Lucy!

Now Lucy, don't you say that to ______. You go get Rosie or Kylie or Georgette and let them handle it.

Lucy sort of pouts and huffs at me

OK Mama! But I'm not playing with him

That's OK Lucy, you don't have to play with him but you still have to be nice

OK Mama, Lucy be nice.....but I won't like being nice!

Maria, the Mum

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