Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I OK, Good Job, Look Out

I'm OK, You're OK
When I picked Lucy up from school today, I was informed that she had a little run in with the table
Rosie explained that Lucy went to pick something up off the floor and slammed her forehead into the table. Rosie said she had a big old bump and bruise on her forehead but was just fine.
As Rosie finished telling me this, Lucy, who had been sitting on the floor next to Rosie popped up and declared
I OK Mama! I OK!

Atta Boy
As I do every day when I pick Lucy up, I settled her into her car seat, handed her a cup of water and gave her an on the way home snack - today was fruit snacks and blub blubs (goldfish crackers). I also gave her an extra kiss and ruffled her hair on account of her run in with the table
Three minutes down the road, Lucy says
Mama, you did a good job!
Thanks Lucy
You're welcome Mama, I love you!

Look Out
Three minutes after that, Lucy leans over in her car seat to get a better look out the front window and noting the line of traffic coming towards us (on the other side of the road of course)
Mama! Look out, here comes the cars! Whoa, be careful!
I got this I assure her
OK Mama, just look out!

Maria, the Mum

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